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Tatu 14

I Watch Films

Posted on 2008.10.12 at 18:02
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Guess what I've been doing? Well yeah I have been doing that but that's not what I was referring to. I've been watching films. What films might you ask? Wherefore these films is something you might not ask, but I'll tell you anyway. I've got some films that I taped ages ago and they've just sort of been lying about cluttering the place up for ages now and so I've finally got around to watching them and now they're almost all watched. Just Scarface left to watch which will probably be tonight's film of choice. Over the past couple of days I've watched Run Lola Run, Mallrats (finally), Equilibrium and Trading Places. Can you believe that? I taped Trading Places last christmas and it's finally been watched.

All in all they were pretty decent films. Run Lola Run was clever and demonstrated how the slightest change can completely change the outcome of our lives. Of course there's nothing you can do with that potentially terrifying peice of information. You can't go around taking a little extra time over things or rushing to be there faster because nobody knows what'll happen from any given outcome. All this information really does it put the pressure on to take exactly the right amount of time to do absolutely everything. So... erm... anyway now that I've overexamined Run Lola Run I'm going to move on a bit and talk about the other films I watched. Hopefully I won't try and distill meaning from them to the degree I did with Run Lola Run. God knows how I'd end up running my life if I based my philosophy on Mallrats. Actually that one's easy. If I did that I'd just be hanging around in a shopping centre meeting all kinds of crazy characters. By the way I do not believe that Earl from My Name Is Earl, Brodie from Mallrats and Azreal from Dogma are the same person. I just don't. The world has clearly gone insane because there is no way that those three can all be played by the same actor. Without him, you know, having drastic plastic surgery and some kind of voice surgery, which now I say it it sounds absurd. And actually you know what, voice surgery is absurd. Being asked to believe these three characters are played by the same person is absurd. This whole damn thing is absurd.

Equilibrium was good but contained an absurdity of it's own. Apparently the main character (Preston) was played by an actor called Christian Bale and I disagree. He was clearly played by Peter Petrelli off of Heroes, or you know, the guy who plays Peter Petrelli on Heroes... Milo Ventimiglia. They are clearly the same person. They have the same voice, same jacket, same haircut. If they aren't the same person then they are evil twins or something. Hey look at that I just wrote evil twins. I didn't mean to write that. I think perhaps I've had one of those hand transplants and got an evil hand or something. Except it's a pretty feeble evil hand. Maybe from someone who was a bit evil but didn't do much about it and so instead of writing 'kill kill kill' or whatever my evil hand only has the evility (is that a word?) to write the word evil once every few million words or so. I shall definately be on the lookout for it in future. And that, my friends, is my review of Equilibrium. Okay yeah so the topic kind of got away from me there but it's not my fault. It's my evil hand!

Next up was Trading Places and that's this old film where a down on his luck Eddie Murphy and a rich pompous Dan Ackroyd change places as part of a crazy experiment from two crazy old men. It's not quite as funny as I'd been led to believe but it's a decent film, definately reasonable. The bit on the train was a bit perplexing but all in all it was reasonable.

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