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Merlin 1x04 - The Poisoned Chalice - Review

Posted on 2008.10.11 at 22:29
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So I guess I kind of take back all the pseudo-hurtful things I said about Arthur but come on the guy was a dick to start with. I guess I kind of forgot the rules that in TV you're allowed to have a complete personality transplant within the first week of meeting the main character. Seriously before he met Arthur he was firing arrows at his servants for laughs. Excuse me if I was a bit suspicious of his credentials as a human being. Ever since the first episode every week the show has been showing Arthur be a bit of a better person. First he puts his neck on the line on Merlin's advice. Then he, erm... I don't know... what did he do last week? Anyway whatever he did something. And now he goes off on a quest to find his long lost mother a cure for Merlin. He risks life and limb against a big lizardy thing, jumps across a big hole, kills a particuarly cheerful looking spider (is it just me or is it impossible to be afraid of a spider after you've just watched it rear up on it's back legs with pure unadulterated glee?), climbs up some rocks and defies the king's will to help cure Merlin. I'm going to officially pencil him in to the good guys column.
So anyway at first I was thinking 'hmm this seems like a pretty roundabout way to try and kill Merlin' then before the reasoning was explained I thought 'but if you wanted to start a war and kill Merlin this would be one of the more efficient ways' and then I thought 'if you wanted to start a war, kill Merlin and then go for a stroll in the forest with your long lost son then this would be the single most efficient way to accomplish all three tasks at once'. It's the old killing three birds with one stone method, except you're killing them with one petal from a rare flower. And you're only killing one of them. You're starting a war with the first one and leaving the last one (i.e. the long lost son one) to die in a cave. By the way have I mentioned that I think Nimueh is Arthur's mother?
Anyway just when I thought Uther might prove that he isn't a total dick who is too obsessed with his country and the safety of all and etcetera to actually care about the people around him he comes up with the most awesomely rubbish method of proving something ever. That's the kind of idea that should be engraved in stone in case it's ever forgotten. It should be handed down from generation to generation. A sacred emblem of the most spectacularly stupid idea anybody has ever had.

AND! Harry Hill's TV Burp is back next week! I'm so excited that I just might explode, but I'll try not to because exploding would mean that I would be rather unable to watch Harry Hill's TV Burp and thus my excitement would have been for nothing.

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