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Tatu 11

(Pretend) Writer's Block: The Triumphant Return

Posted on 2008.10.11 at 13:32
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I feel like I'm forever bringing back this feature and that feature and sometimes even the other feature. This is probably because I am always bringing back features. Today's returning feature can be defined as the definitive shoddy and underused feature. It's (Pretend) Writer's Block. It's like the writer's block question I used to answer on a regular basis but not quite as lame (which is funny in itself because I designed this feature to ask lame and uninspired questions). Anyway here goes. Feel free to join in with my (Pretend) Writer's Block and maybe we can usurp the main Writer's Block. Or at least make the person who writes it think up some actually decent questions.

If you were trapped on a desert island with a camera and only one day to live what would you take pictures of?

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A photography question? yay! Oh I know I used to moan and whinge and whine when a photography question came up in the normal writer's block but after reading some of the lame questions they have on there nowadays a good old fashioned photography question is like a breath of fresh air during a walk in the park. However since it is a writer's block photography question I still have to make fun of it because thems the rules. So right, I'm trapped on a desert island? Where the hell am I going to get these photographs developed eh? Bet you didn't think of that did you you stupid photography question? Plus I've just got a day to live! Why am I taking photographs and not trying to save my life? Actually, you know what I just don't have the heart to make fun of photography questions on the writer's block any more. Because of how the real writer's block has come down with a serious case of the lame. In fact when I imagine the real writer's block I picture it as being marooned on the desert island of lame questions. And it's slowly dying of those lame questions. In fact in metaphor time I'd say it has precisely one day left to live. Quick! We have to find something for it to take photographs of before it bites the dust! Well the most important shots for the Writer's Block to take photos of would be the sunrise and sunset, as they are the most beautiful parts of the day. Maybe also get a shot of the beach with some palm trees, a giant monkey head if there is one, try and have a look for some beautiful sweeping vistas of the island and then when the Writer's Block is done and it's last breath is getting near it slides the camera into a bottle, pops a cork in a throws it out to sea, to be discovered and developed by artistic sailors who will ensure that the whole world finds out about the beauty of the Writer's Block's last day on Earth.

Actually what am I talking about? A question can't take photographs of a metaphorical island using an imaginary camera. That's just nonsense. I think I should probably just go and lie down until the world starts making sense again.

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