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Supernatural - New Ruby

Supernatural 4x04 - Metamorphosis - Review

Posted on 2008.10.10 at 13:45
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I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting concerned over the fact that New Ruby hasn't done anything since she was introduced. She's only had one action scene (shunting Dean into a wall in this latest episode) hasn't really had any memorable moments or snappy dialogue and has been practically mute. I guess I'm kind of worried that she's got brain damage or whatever the demon equivalent of brain damage is. Or that she's Lilith in disguise or something? Actually that's a good point. It would explain the personality difference at any rate. Lilith would have had very little idea how Ruby acted around Sam and Dean. She might be acting nice to pass herself off as Ruby and get Sam to do her evil bidding. Which is possibly why Castiel doesn't much like what Sam is doing. Because he knows what's really happening.

Anyway that's all speculation and it's really neither here nor there. Sam and Dean are off to hunt a person who is becoming a thing called a Rougarou. Rougarous are awesome. While watching the episode I was actually wondering which one of my stories I could integrate this wonderful peice of lore and a rougarou main character into (a character who has to battle constant hunger for human flesh and who eats raw meat from the packet is an interesting character no matter how you spin it). But what was really clever about this episode was that it was Bloodlust again but backwards. There's a hunter that the Winchesters have teamed up with to fight an evil monster. One of the Winchesters believe that the monster is not beyond redemption. The other hunter is intent on killing the evil monster despite the fact that the monster isn't evil. It's exactly like Bloodlust except for the fact that in the end the monster was unable to control himself and became an evil monster after all. And our Gordon Mk. 2 ends up dead. Personally I think that Bloodlust itself would have been better had Gordon ended up dead at the end. It certainly would have stopped me from weeping in disappointment every time he appeared in an episode.

So in the end Sam knows he was on a slippery slope and he claims he's prepared to give it up. But personally I don't think that Lilith Disguised As Ruby is going to be too happy about that. I'm looking forward to next week because if everything goes as I think it will Lilith Disguised As Ruby will probably be looking to have a go at Dean. Which would be interesting if true.

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