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Tatu 8

Writer's Block: The Beatles

Posted on 2008.10.09 at 15:12
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In their heyday, The Beatles were the center of the pop universe. Many groups have been hailed as the next Beatles, but does pop music even have a center anymore? Who represents the core of pop music to you?

Personally I'd like to say that no matter how good the Beatles were there is no way they were as good as the die hard "the beatles were the best band on the planet ever and no band will ever be able to compare to them ever!" fans make them out to be. Even if they were great and the best band of their day, they were not the second coming of Christ.

There isn't really a band as popular as the Beatles nowadays but this is because people's musical tastes have changed and there are far more different genres and styles of music and far more bands and artists available than there used to be. Nowadays everyone is catered for. If the Beatles came along nowadays then they'd probably do well but it would not be Beatlemania. No band or artist could ever be that popular now.

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