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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Chuck 2x02 - Chuck Versus The Seduction - Review

Posted on 2008.10.07 at 15:20
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This week Chuck endeavours to get closer to Sarah while a deadly assassin played by Melinda Clarke (off of The O.C.) has the key to recreating the intersect. Chuck must seduce her with the help of aging superspy Roan Montgomery.

First off I'm rather surprised that the whole looking for a way to get the intersect going again is continued quite so quickly. I was under the impression that the intersect had gotten all blowed up and that it was going to be dropped as an issue for most of the season, I would expect that it becomes rather a major issue in the last few episodes of the season, but till then I hadn't expected to hear anything about it again. Chuck's going to be kicking himself from beyond the grave when he learns that the thing he was so desperate to get hold of was the thing that killed him. Well I say kicking himself from beyond the grave but I actually picture a scene where there's a bunch of army people with guns pointed at him and he has the cipher and he destroys it so that they have to keep him alive. Possibly on top of a dam or something. Just you wait and see if I'm right. Anyway Casey takes somewhat of a backseat in this episode so it can focus on the whole Chuck/Sarah thing. I love the interaction between Chuck and Roan and Sarah and I think that maybe Roan might be coming back occasionally in the future, hopefully.

Aside from that there's the subplot with Awesome seeking help from Morgan in the art of romancing Ellie. Which is great. By the way is Morgan still going out with Anna or did that fall through or what? She still seems a bit protective of him, as evidenced in the 'he's fired so lets all be spartacus and quit' scene. She could do better though. Anna/Ellie anybody? Oh and Lester's great as well (I kind of have to thank wikipedia at this point. I have no idea of most of the names in Chuck, just so you know). Good times are well and truly had by all. Favourite line: Lester's "Maybe he won't ever notice" in reference to the temporary lack of Buy More employees.

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