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Heroes - Mohinder Suresh

Heroes 3x04 - I Am Become Death - Review

Posted on 2008.10.07 at 13:55
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Wow! Now that was an episode. I know the obvious candidate for am becoming death is Peter but I'd also like to think that Mohinder was in with a shot. After all he has that creepy future self hiding in the shadows and wearing a creepy cloak in his favour. Although Mohinder is probably a better candidate for I am become spider. He's not doing very well at the moment and although I encouraged injecting himself with potentially dangerous power juice at the time I think, with the benefit of hindsight, he may well have made a mistake. Still though, I like creepy Mohinder. And if he wants to start killing the creepy man from across the street then I wish him all the best. Honestly though that bloke has it coming to him.

I knew Tracey Strauss was Nikki's sister. Didn't I say? Okay I did say that she was Jessica who had been brainwashed after being revived from death which isn't strictly accurate but I got the sister bit. Tracey is interesting. She appears to have not only the power to freeze but also to heat things up. So it's like the whole spectrum of temperature based abilities. I don't believe that she is the person that Angela saw in her future dream. That is probably Barbara. This whole Nikki/Jessica/Gina/Tracey/Barbara situation is getting a bit out of hand now though isn't it? Okay Ali Larter is a talented actress. There's lots of different emotions she can convey and parts she can play. We've got the idea, seriously. Just quit making up new characters for her to play while you're still marginally ahead. I swear if it turns out that Tracey has an alternate personality who has differenter powers then I'm going to go one fifteenth insane. Oh and the jumping off a bridge bit and getting caught by Nathan was expected but still it was good. In the future she's stood next to Nathan as he says something about the first lady and we're kind of led to believe that they're married now but she's stood right there. If she was the first lady she could say things herself. No I'm not falling for that trick. He's probably married to Candice or Caitlin or someone equally random.

Matt has a vision of the future in which he's with Daphne Millbrook (who isn't as cool in the future because her haircut has significantly affected her ability to be awesome) and they have a child and Molly. Daphne dies because she's not fast enough to escape from the explosion in Costa Verde but she's apparently still strong enough to run all the way back to (presumably) New York with half her body missing. Which is rather impressive. I couldn't do that. So he wakes up and Isaac Mk. 2 informs him that he needs a spirit totem and that if he remembers his dream he will find it. So apparently because Daphne wasn't fast enough to outrun an explosion his spirit guide has to be the epitome of slowness: a turtle. I wonder if it's the same turtle that was "giving him advice" in the second episode. I hope he talks to it some more. That'd be brilliant.

Ando and Hiro have been captured by the company and are being held captive in Level 2 (I could have sworn it was Level 5 but apparently not). Hiro tries to escape via a ventilation duct (I guess the Haitian must be nearby) and has an argument with Ando about it. It's such a shame that Hiro saw Ando attack him in the future. If he hadn't they would have continue to get along fine, and then Ando wouldn't have attacked him in the future. Anyway in the end they work together and Hiro is just about to get into the vents (and I think that vent would probably have just led him to the next cell) when the Haitian turns up and off they go to see Angela (don't forget that Angela is masterminding this whole evil scheme). Angela claims that in order to "find" the formula they need to go to dig up Adam Munroe. So because they haven't yet figured out her evil plan they go and dig him up. Which is a good. I like Adam, even though he is a completely irredeemable evil bastard. I still like him because... well... I don't know why but I do. I liked him in Alias even though he wasn't really a nice person in that either. Anyway he goes to strangle Hiro and it goes "to be continued..." and ends.

However that's not the whole episode. As you can probably tell I've left the best and most complex storyline to the last; the Peter going to the future storyline to be precise. Peter and Future Peter travel to the future and bad things are afoot in the future. At first it looks normal but then everyone can fly and so it's maybe not so normal after all. Then Claire shows up and shoots Future Peter in the back of the head and Peter makes a run for it. Then there's all the stuff that follows with Sylar being one of the good guys and Matt being one of the bad guys and Claire associating with Knox. Then Peter gets Sylar's power. Then Sylar goes crazy when his son (?) is killed and he goes all nuclear. Then Peter wakes up and Nathan's there to talk to him. Nathan thinks he's doing the right thing but Peter is sure he's wrong. Peter then decides to prove that theory by having a closer look at Nathan's brain: Sylar Style! Then he goes back to the past and confronts Sylar.
The important thing to think about in this storyline is who is right and wrong. We assume that Claire is a villain because she's trying to stop Future Peter and by extension Present Peter. But we don't know what Future Peter has done in between now and then. Claire claims that he has murdered people. This wouldn't surprise me if she was talking about the future of Present Peter (he's got Sylar's power and thus Sylar's hunger for power now), but that's far too convoluted a time loop for even me to consider. All I'm saying is that we're thrust into this situation with no context. Is it more likely that Claire and Matt have both become bad guys and Sylar has become a good guy or that Peter has become a bad guy? On probabilities alone the second option is more likely. But who knows. All I'm saying is that I'm sure that Angela is behind it all somehow. She's just sent Hiro and Ando to rescue Adam because she knows that he's going to be on her team of villains (thanks to her dream) and she didn't know where he was without Hiro's help.

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