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Buffy - Spike

Buffy Season 2 - Review

Posted on 2008.10.06 at 19:22
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Don't worry, the Buffy entire series rewatch continues as planned. I just figured that rather than reviewing whatever I've watched each week I'd just review each season after I've rewatched the whole of that season. It keeps things simple and self contained. I doubt that I'll be going into the exact same level of detail as I did with the last season as it's substantially longer than the first season.

When She Was Bad:
This episode is always a little vague in my mind. I remember that she was bad in it (the title indicates that much) but seem to draw a blank on why she was bad or how she was bad. Where she was bad I'm also a little foggy and don't even ask me about which she was bad or who she was bad or what she was bad, because they're all nonsense. Anyway apparently Buffy is all upset that she was dead for a couple of seconds (god imagine if she'd been dead all summer, imagine how unhappy she would be then) and so she was bad... for a while, then she smashed the Master's bones. By the way the anointed one still sucks. Seriously what is the point of him? Even if he had raised the Master it would all be for naught because the Master has a serious case of the lame. It's a good episode though, don't think I don't like it just because I moan and bitch about everything in it. I'm just a little sketchy on all the bad that happened.

Some Assembly Required:
This is the zombie one. Two losercreeps are building a zombie to be like some kind of loser zombie love interest for one of the creeps' brother. Who is a zombie. Well the one who has the zombie brother is doing it for that. The other one I fear is just doing it because he's a creep and that's what creeps do. Anyway I like this episode for Giles/Jenny. Giles and Jenny were so innocent and happy back then. Neither of them were dead and they were still both talking to one another and good times were had by all.

School Hard:
Yay! Yay for Spike! Yay for Drusilla! The two Medium Bads of the season. I defy people to not like Spike and Drusilla. One of them's crazy and talks to dead animals and sees the future upon occasion. The other has bleached blonde hair and says the word mate sometimes. This episode gets a definate certificate of good episodeness simply for introducing Spike and Drusilla. This is further compounded with Buffy's mum getting to show off her awesomeness as she assaults Spike with an axe. Add in Snyder looking like an idiot (looking like?) and the anointed one being killed and you've got a recipie for awesome. Nay, for superawesome!

Inca Mummy Girl:
With this one I've always been a bit curious about that man with the knife. How his life must have sucked, just living in the vain hope that one day in the superdistant future that the seal might break and then he has to go and stop the mummy (instead of mummy read "the thing that can easily kill him, thus making all those years waiting around for the seal to break kind of pointless"). Plus it's the episode that introduces not only Oz (who is awesome) but Jonathan (who is not what I'd call awesome but he's still pretty good. Especially Superstar). Plus the scenes between IMG and Xander are awesome.

Reptile Boy:
This episode is alright. I might have thought more of it but somewhere in mind there's a little voice trying to tell me that it thinks this episode might be concealing a moral. The moral is probably something along the lines of watch what you drink around college students and fraternities are evil. Thanks to the impact of this episode I've never joined a fraternity since seeing it. I don't want to worship some lame reptile thing that lives in a sewer under my frat house.

Brilliant episode. It's got a clever idea at it's core, it introduces Ethan Rayne, Willow is hot... what more could you want? I also like this episode for introducing the whole Ripper part of Giles' past. Up until that point I would have been prepared to bet that Giles was as straight-laced as an... erm... a straight peice of lace.

Lie To Me:
Love Giles' speech at the end of this episode. In fact there's rather a lot of Giles love going on in this run of episodes. I've watched TV programs all my life and I've got pretty good at figuring out when something changes whether it's going to be a temporary change that fixes itself back to normal at the end of an episode or whether it's actually a continuation of the storyline. However for some reason that day my plot senses failed me and I thought, at least for a little while, that Ford was a new character that was being introduced. See. I still remember his name and everything. I like this because of the moral issue buried in there somewhere. How Ford just wanted to be a vampire to live because of his brain cancer. If this had happened in the third series (i.e. after Willow learns to return a vampire's soul to them (a power you'd think she'd want to use a bit more. Okay not on every vamp but maybe perhaps Harmony or she could have used it on Spike once they'd figured they were stuck with him rather than waiting till he took the initiative for himself)) then it could have played out very differently. After all, Buffy does seem to like vamps a whole lot more than humans.

The Dark Age:
I like this episode. I liked finding out about Giles as Ripper, plus Ethan Rayne is always good. My internal continuity alarm ran into problems when Giles said it was a demon that they created (created means one that you made. One that didn't exist before you made it) and that it was also worshipped by people in the olden days. But I suppose that isn't the main focus of the story. Also I don't know what was up with Jenny after this. Okay Giles kept a secret from you Jenny. I'm sure you can't have been keeping any from him can you? She should have just forgiven him and got on with life. If she had then they might have had a bit more of a pleasurable nine episodes left together.

What's My Line? Parts 1 and 2:
This double episode has a lot going for it. Xander and Cordelia kissing in Buffy's basement (why does the word basement always make things sound dirty?), three assassins from some kind of weird assassin cult (one of whom is made of worms!), a new slayer and Spike and Drusilla. What more could you ask for?

God I hate Ted. Let me rephrase that. God I hate the character Ted. I like the episode. He's the villain so it's alright to hate him, and hate him I do. Not quite as badly as I hated Vogler and Tritter from House but if I had to assemble a team of people that I absolutely hate then it would be them to and either Ted, or Joss Stone. This episode is good even if it is somewhat predictable. I mean how many times have we seen this plot play out? Where there's a new character and everyone likes them so much that they must be evil? Okay I can't think of any other specific examples of where this plot has been done before but I'm sure they must exist.

Bad Eggs:
I like this episode. It's a bit unusual, with the whole demonic/alien-like creatures hatching out of eggs thing but it's kind of like invasion of the body-snatchers or pod-people or one of those type of things, but with added villainous cowboy vampires.

Surprise & Innocence:
In my brain these episodes are one and the same. These two episodes are brilliant because of Angelus. Before now Angel was going around everything fine and then suddenly everything's different. Angelus and then after that he's never really the same again because he knows how easy it is to lose his soul. Plus Xander's good in this episode. His Halloween induced army knowledge is a brilliant thing and I kind of wish that it had stuck with him for longer than it did, because when he's in awesome mode, he's awesome. The Judge (big evil of the week) annoyed me a bit, but just because he doesn't look how I think he should look. I mean come on. If you're called The Judge you should look at least a bit Judge-y. You shouldn't be blue. Blue is not a Judge-like colour. Either way though this episode is great just because of Angelus. He's arguably the best Big Bad in the entire series (I'd probably argue that Dark Willow makes for a better Big Bad (and in fact I did) but you can imagine why I would think that) and this is his first outing as Angelus. I love how he just comes along as usurps Spike and Drusilla (especially Spike), who have been trying for the status of Big Bad from the moment they knocked over the welcome to Sunnydale sign.

The 'Oz is a werewolf' episode. This is a good episode. I love how they imply that the werewolf is the one who was bit by a wild dog (I want to say his name is Larry) when it's actually Oz who had been bit by his one year old cousin. Especially love the phone conversation between him and his aunt/uncle/whoever. It's a good episode altogether because they've got to get across the message that werewolves aren't intrinsically bad people, so this happens by introducing a really unlikeable person who not only wants to kill werewolves but also doesn't see them as being properly human. Works for me.

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered:
As I've already discussed this is one of my favourite episodes from all of the series. It's hilarious throughout but the absolutely best bit has to be when Drusilla saves Xander from Angelus. Plus Willow with an axe. And the scavenger hunt ruse. In fact, scrap that, the whole episode is the best bit.

Ugh! Sad now! Ms. Calendar's death undoubtedly is sad, especially when she was so close to a cure for Angel, but it's not that that really makes me sad. It's more Giles' sadness that makes me sad. Especially the state in which he finds Jenny's body. This is a sad episode but it's nothing compared to some of the sad moments that can be found throughout the series. The Body, Belonging Part 2 and Hole In The World/Shells (I know HitW/Shells was an Angel episode but it's by far the saddest thing in the entire thing and almost the saddest thing ever shown on TV (The last episode of Six Feet Under is the saddest thing ever shown on TV, fyi) so it deserves a mention) in particular.

Killed By Death:
I like Killed By Death. Evil invisible hospital monsters for the win. It also gets points for having a title that reminds me of Anachronox ("I shall kill you... with death.") although that's somewhat beside the point. I'm reviewing the episode rather than the title of the episode, which could be called Monkeys Take A Bath for all the difference it makes to the actual content of the episode. And it's a good episode. I especially like Willow pretending that there are frogs.

Go Fish:
I called this one. I totally could tell that people were turning into fish-people. I'm not exactly sure what gave it away. My brain might just be wired up to go: "Fish people?! They must be turning into the fish people!". In fact that would explain a lot of my behaviour in the past. This is a good episode as well but unfortunately by this point in the series with all the Angelus and Spike and Drusilla stuff going on I'm less interested in the local swimteam and more in the imminent vampire apocalypse (why do people always say zombie apocalypse but never vampire or frankenstein apocalypse?).

Becoming Parts 1 and 2:
This is a sad episode. Buffy's mum tells her to never come back, her new slayer friend gets killed, she gets expelled and more importantly she has to kill Angel. Of course since I'd heard of Angel (the TV series) I knew there was a good chance Angel wasn't going to get deaded permanently but still the whole event is very emotional. I know Willow was trying to help but that has to be the worst timing of any help in the history of the universe. Buffy wouldn't have been happy to have killed Angelus but she would have coped. Having to kill Angel as soon as he's back was about as bad as that could have gone. I love this episode though because it's where she teams up with Spike. I love Spike. I especially love Spike when he's hanging around in Buffy's living room with her mother. Awkwardness!

This season has absolutely NONE of the problems the first series had. The villains are more believable and menacing while at the same time being likeable. The sad bits are sad. The funny bits are funny. The special effect bits are special. It's like a work of art. Plus three two parters. I love two parters. Shame that the later seasons seemed to cut down on two parters a bit (apart from Seeing Red/Villains/Two To Go/Grave and Shiny Happy People/The Magic Bullet/Sanctuary/Peace Out which I'd personally describe as four parters). All in all Season 2 gets a thumbs up and a gold star and 9/10.

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