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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dexter 3x02 - Finding Freebo - Review

Posted on 2008.10.06 at 13:52
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I love Dexter but he's always getting himself into one situation or another. Okay so having all the bodies of people you've killed and killing someone on a whim aren't exactly the same thing but they sure seem to lead to the same kind of consequences. In this exciting and tension filled episode everyone is looking for Freebo. Dexter's looking for him to tie up a loose end, Miguel Prado's looking for him for a little revenge, the police force is looking for him for a little justice, even Debs is looking for him (via his dead girlfriend Teegan of course). Hell if I wasn't sat here watching the program I'd be out there looking for him myself. Dexter finds him and does his thing, unfortunately that's around about the time that Miguel Prado shows up, looking to moonlight in a little Freebo murdering himself. Dexter manages to pull off a good self-defence act and Miguel suggests they should hide the evidence. There's something of an exchange and Miguel essentially thanks Dexter for murdering Freebo. All in all it's not the response I was expecting from principled man of the law Miguel Prado. It looks like Dexter has got away with it for now, but I doubt this will play out well. I imagine it'll probably play out a little messily, with a couple more bodies along the way. Miguel himself will probably end up being either Dexter's partner in crime, or his latest victim. I couldn't say which yet. Maybe both.

Also aside from all the death and the killing and everything Rita is pregnant and she's going to have a child and does Dexter want any part of it. Part of me wants him to have a child so he can raise it to carry on the "family business" like he trains Cody and Astor to do in the books (In regards to the books I'm pretending the bit about Moloch didn't happen because it was stupid and unrealistic). However part of me is very much aware that children take a while to grow up so if we did have a junior serial killer on our hands it would be in the distant distant future that he'd be able to do any serial killing. So all in all I'd rather have Dexter uninhibited by family issues for a while, however since Rita is unwilling to budge on the situation that does rather mean giving up Rita and her kids. Which would be unfortunate, but a responsibility free Dexter is a busy and bloody Dexter, so I say do it.

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