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Tatu 3

Merlin 1x03 - The Mark of Whatever - Review

Posted on 2008.10.04 at 19:57
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Here's a brand spanking new review for the third episode of Merlin: The Mark of Niway Nemoy Nemo Nieouha Whatever.

All in all it was another good showing for Merlin as he learned an important lesson. Magic may be the easiest way to do something but it doesn't mean it's the best, it can have unforeseen consequences which may imperil the people you try to help. Then again this lesson is rather undermined by Merlin defeating the big clay monster (which apparently was invisible or something) using magic. This rather suggests that 'yes magic is the best answer always'. Either way there was all the usual hijinks with the added bonus of a genuine non-metaphorical witchhunt. Arthur proved that he was a human being once again (this is getting into a regular occurance now. I think I may have to reclassify Arthur's species to at least part-time human being). The best line was Arthur's discovery of a cupboard and the best moment was had when I told my nan that the dragon never seems to give a straight answer and she informed me that dragons never do. Which is so true. Damn you dragons! Plus it seems to be setting the scene for some kind of follow-up episode with this woman whatever her name is, seeking revenge. So it's all good really. Thumbs are in the upright position.

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