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Supernatural - Castiel

Supernatural 4x03 - In The Beginning - Review

Posted on 2008.10.03 at 15:37
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Hey wow. You know in most series you get a mysterious occurance at the beginning and then it's never explained all the way right up to the final episode? Well Supernatural has just explained, in detail, the mysteries behind the original mysterious occurance. This never happens. Either I'm dreaming, I've accidentally fallen into a parallel dimension or we should all be very worried that Supernatural is going to completely end as soon as the second half of this two part episode is shown. Personally I'm hoping it's option b. The other dimension thing. I can't wait to see what happens in Lost now I'm in the 'finally explain things' dimension.

It's a brilliant episode. It's like wall to wall revelations. Dean's in the past! Mary's hot! Mary's a hunter! Mary's family's a hunter! It's the Yellow Eyed Demon! Old Yellow Eyes is making deals with people! Sam Sr is the Yellow Eyed Demon! John's dead... again! Mary made a deal with Old Yellow Eyes! Dean has to stop Sam! Castiel is a bad angel! Okay the last one isn't really a relevation, more sort of a suspicion that I have but my point remains valid. Wall to wall revelations.

After all those revelations there's just one thing I want to see now. Sam and Dean battling it out against one another using their superawesome demon/angel powers (I just bet Dean has angel powers now. How awesome would that be?) with Castiel and Ruby cheering them on from the sidelines. Or some rough approximation of that.

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