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Tatu 13

My Name Is Earl Dimension Crash Crossovers

Posted on 2008.10.03 at 04:26
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Not many people know that my day job is cleaning up the wreckage after dimensions have crashed together. I don't mention it often, I'm not embarassed or anything, it's just work. I naturally prefer to talk about lesbians and stuff. Usually the wreckage of the dimensions themselves are not very palatable, with multiple versions of every person, people having memories of things they've never done and for some reason there's a lot of spoons. The wreckage of TV shows is a different kettle of fish altogether. The shows are thrown together at random thanks to the crash. Some shows come out of the crash even better than before. Some come out dreadful, but, you know, hilariously dreadful.

Here's some of the best programs created by a recent 42 dimension pileup in the My Name Is Earl hemisphere of the dimensiverse.

First up, caused by a nasty crash between dimension Vermillion-23 and Cerise-07, is "My Name Is Jack Bauer". In this series Jack Bauer has just 24 hours to make up for all the bad things he's done or karma will blow up Los Angeles. It ran for three seasons, the first and the second sharing the same plotline but different things on Jack's list. Most of the viewership abandoned the show when it was clear that the second series was going to be exactly the same as the first. The second series slugged along with poor ratings and die-hard fans making weak excuses for the lack of a new storyline. It was still enough to earn a third season, but in a bid to attract the fans that it had shed at the start of the second season it switched the storyline up a bit with the season starting with Jack being in prison and ending with him being in a coma. Unfortunately this sudden change caused My Name Is Jack Bauer to jettison all the fans that had stuck through it's second season. A few of the die-hards still lobby for a fourth season but thankfully nothing has come of it so far.

Next up, created by when Fuschia-19 crashed with Sangria-86, is "Supernaturearl". In this series brothers Sam, Dean and Earl Winchester fight off all manner of supernatural monsters. The most unfortunate aspect of this series is that, thanks to the influence of My Name Is Earl, none of the monsters they fight are actually evil. Most of the monsters are trying to make up for the bad things they've done and trying to be better people (better monsters I suppose but you get the point). This made the Winchester Brothers somewhat unlikeable characters and in a bizarre twist they were written out of the series at the end of the first season. The action then focused on a half-man half-crab demon called Darnell and a perpetually angry demon called Joy as they tried to right their wrongs while being hunted by dicks like the Winchesters. Supernaturearl proves to be inexplicably popular and is entering it's fourth season now.

Next up, as a result of a collision between Fuschia-16 and Crimson-01 is "Karma Island". In this series a man known as Earley (Earl Reyes) wins the lottery but finds that the money is cursed because of all the bad things he's done or something. He takes a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles and, thanks to his bad karma, the plane crashes on an unknown island in the middle of nowhere. Earley tries to make up for all the bad things he's done while fighting off polar bears and smoke monsters and mysterious people known only as others, in the hope that if he makes up for enough bad things the curse will be lifted and he and his fellow survivors will be rescued. The hype for Karma Island initially wasn't great because of the dreadful choice of name for the show. However word of mouth spread from those who had looked past the bad name. Karma Island acquired quite a following. This following has gradually decreased as the viewers become more and more of the opinion that the Karma Island writers are making it up as they go along. Figures were worst hit at the end of the third season when it was revealed that all the survivors came from the same orphanage and they had forgotten because of Karma. The writers coaxed people to watch again by setting a definitive end date for the series and claiming that they know precisely what is going to happen.

Finally the most badly affected by the crash is the series known as "Doctor Earl Mars Is Pushing Scrubs In The OC". This was created when Rosso Corsa-04, Coral-08, Scarlet-15, Crimson-16, Burgundy-23 and Maroon-42 all collided. This combination of My Name Is Earl, Doctor Who, Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies, Scrubs and The OC is all but unwatchable. It's labyrinthine plots involve the comedic and eclectic staff of time-travelling hospital who can bring people back from the dead teaming up with a bunch of teenagers from orange county and solving mysteries and making up for the bad things they've done. It's been critically praised as being "maybe a little overcomplicated and slightly too ambitious" but with "something for everyone and clever plots that never fail to enthrall". It's cult following of fans are constantly in petition mode clamouring for signatures to save the show.

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