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Tatu 25

Dirty Sexy Money (With Nate In It) 2x01 - The Birthday Gift - Review

Posted on 2008.10.02 at 16:53
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I've just watched the first episode of the new series and wow that was an episode and a half. Deaths and cover-ups and police helicopters and adultery and backstabbing and manipulation and betrayal, and even Lucy Liu. Wow. The one thing the episode didn't have was Juliet Darling, one of the main characters. And apparently I've just learned through semi-trustworthy sources that she isn't going to be in it at all this season. What's up with that? Are they just going to pretend she never existed? That sucks. She was awesome. I'm going to start a petition, because that's what you do nowadays isn't it? If the people that make a show are daring to do something you disagree with or don't care for then you do a petition to force them to change their plans for the series. So with that sarcastic and pointless attack on petitions out of the way how about I review Dirty Sexy Money (With Nate In It) now?

I loved the way it started and then flashed back two days. Usually when programs do this it's just the very last moment before the flashback that has any expanded meaning after seeing the flashback. I liked how practically everything that happened at the party had some kind of significance that didn't appear to mean anything the first time around.

As to the Tripp Darling/Simon Elder (who the hell do you trust) question, i have decided that I don't trust either of them. They're both just fighting a war. Neither of them are concerned with anything more than obliterating their opponent into a bloody pulp. And if Simon Elder somehow finds out about how Tripp and Patrick covered up the accidental death of his wife then the Darlings have seriously had it. Lets hope that he somehow finds out about it. Possibly through Karen (speaking of which does Karen have any feelings for him. She says she does then she snoops. She gives something back then she takes something else. She's all over the place) or something. Hell I wouldn't mind if this knowledge fell from the sky on top of a rock which landed on Simon Elder's head so long as he found out about it.
Then again there's Tripp. The master manipulator. I wouldn't personally believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. He knows what he wants and he knows how to make sure that people give it to him. Think of what would happen if he teamed up with Angela Petrelli off of Heroes and Benjamin Linus off of Lost. There would be a trio so manipulative and deceitful that I'd begin to question the very fabric of reality, thinking that perhaps it's some trick being played on me by them.

Then of course is the big twist at the end. I love big twists and this one was a corker. It seems that Tripp's wife (I want to say Letisha or something like that?) is being accused of killing Nick's (Nate's) father. Excitement indeed!

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