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Pushing Daisies 2x01 - Bzzzzzzzzz! - Review

Posted on 2008.10.02 at 11:51
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I love Pushing Daisies. I absolutely love it and this brand new episode is no exception. Right from the start there was so much going on. Ned and Chuck's living arrangements, Olive's secrets, Lily's secret cover-ups, Emerson's pop-up book and a whole bucket of bees on top.

Before watching the episode I was of the opinion that Lily and Vivian shouldn't be told about Chuck being alive but afterwards I'm kind of thinking that it's definately going to come out eventually so I kind of want it to be over with and sorted out. However I am in favour of Lily shipping Olive off to some nunnery in the middle of nowhere. That was an unexpected and clever move.

I'm kind of interested in learning more about Emerson's daughter, but I'm more interested in learning what other interesting and unusual hobbies he might have. I'm seeing that the daughter angle will probably have a more concrete storyline later on in the series but I like the little lead-ins for the moment. I always like little lead-ins.

Ned and Chuck were good. I subscribe to the whole 'it's more romantic if you're living in the same building' theory but also to the 'it's more romantic if you're not constantly in peril of killing the woman you love' theory. Maybe adjoining flats is the best option for a case as potentially nerve-shattering as Ned and Chuck's. Plus, you know, it's nice that Chuck finally has her own place.

And my personal favourite bit of the episode: Ned called up Happy Time Temp Agency! Brilliant! A Pushing Daisies/Dead Like Me connection! I'm going to venture out the theory that although the reason for Ned's powers is never ever going to be touched on I think he's kind of like the opposite of a Reaper. They touch people who are about to die to take their soul away. He touches people who are dead and, possibly, puts their soul back? Ned the Anti-Reaper. It's got a ring to it hasn't it?

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