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House 5x03 - Adverse Effects - Review

Posted on 2008.10.01 at 19:44
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First of all bear in mind that this morning while I was watching the episode I was half asleep from not sleeping last night so I may not be the best most well informed person to ever write a review.

I get the feeling that I'm supposed to be getting the feeling that this private investigator is going to be a replacement for Wilson (especially since Wilson wasn't in this episode). That doesn't mean that I think this private investigator (whose name I should really learn) is going to be replacing Wilson. That means I think that they want me to think that he'll be replacing Wilson. I think Wilson will be back. Probably in some dramatic fashion. Very possibly with some kind of illness that only House can solve and then House will only treat Wilson if he promises to be House's friend again afterwards. Then he sort of begrudgingly reintegrates himself into the storyline. In the meantime I really need to learn this private investigator guy's name.

House has him investigate his team and he finds out that 13 (it's 13! Not Doctor Hadley! I don't even know who this Doctor Hadley everyone keeps talking about is!) is paying 12% on her car loan, which might have been a more exciting morsel of information if I understood anything about loans, but all things considered probably not. He finds out that Taub's wife is putting money in a secret bank account, then Taub has a crisis of conscience (or maybe House has it for him, who knows?) over some of the things he's done to her in the past and he's last seen looking not overenthusiastic at the new car and about to tell his wife something. Drama! But the best nugget of information is that Kutner once crawled 20 miles to be in the world records. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Then, because all of this weeks action takes place through the medium of Lucas (the private investigator guy, i learnt his name!), House has Lucas try to do something to Cuddy. He could have been trying to show something new about himself as Lucas suggests. Or he could have been trying to find out Cuddy's dirt and saw an opportunity to show something new about himself. Or something. Either way I want House/Cuddy this year.

Then in terms of the patient of the week it was some bloke who had some kind of weird thing where he couldn't see things properly. My theory was that he had had some kind of condition for a while but that the drugs he was taking for the clinical trials had helped with it and therefore the major symptoms didn't start until he was taken off them. However the truth was far more disgusting. A massive ball of food and hair living in his stomach was storing the pills and letting them out at random intervals. Disgusting. Although not quite as bad as Foetal Position or Needle In A Haystack or Insensitive. Actually for someone who claims to have been half asleep I remember rather a lot of what happened. And so I give the episode thumbs up for being great and myself a thumbs down for being half asleep.

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