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Heroes - Sylar 3

Heroes 3x03 - One of Us, One of Them - Review

Posted on 2008.09.30 at 13:57
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Okay so it doesn't look like Angela has the power of brainwashing (contrary to a massive bunch of evidence which points towards her having this ability) but I still don't believe her. It's just an attempt to get Sylar on the company's side, which seems to work. He puts aside any grudge he might have for them kidnapping him and infecting him with a virus which stopped him from using all his powers and goes off to retrieve the group of villains that escaped from Level 5 with HRG himself. HRG doesn't trust him, which is fair enough, he's working with the company based on something that Angela Petrelli said. If there's less of a good justification for working for people who have done nothing other than try and kill or control you then I'm blissfully unaware of it. Anyway Sylar goes all Sylar and kills and presumably "eats" the brains of Jesse (Weevil! :() and The German. Oh and also that woman who Angela brought in to Sylar as a light snack. Anyway the point is I'm still voting for Angela to be lying/attempting to manipulate Sylar to work for them. After all if he really was her son wouldn't she want more puppies and hugs and a picnic or something like that?

Then there was Claire and her two controlling mothers. Say what you want about Sandra Bennet but she doesn't hold a torch to Claire's real mother (pun very much intended) when it comes to being controlling and psychotic. Somehow I don't think HRG would approve of Meredith attempting to teach Claire a lesson by suffocating her with fire (physics? hello?). Personally I'm with Claire. I don't care if she wants to go and make the world a safer place, have a go at Sylar, or just plant puppies in the ground and grow puppy trees. I'd just like to see her do something else than attempt to be a normal teenage girl. We all know how well that always goes. If Sandra and Meredith want to be blind to that then it's their problem. In fact Meredith can probably burn their eyes out so they can be blind to everything.

I knew that Ghost Peter would have trouble fitting in with the Crazy Gang. I just knew it. However it seems a bit unfair that just as he finds out what Jesse's power is Future Peter comes along and carts him off to the future. However that does seem interesting. Are they going to go to Future Peter's Reveal Future or are they going to go to Hiro's What The Future? and have a look at that raging Powernadoquake? Only simple logic or tuning in next week will tell.

Next up is Tracey. Last week I was leaning towards Niki's sister brought back to life and brainwashed. Now I'm thinking clone. Especially after this Dr. Zimmerman got involved. Especially especially after he called her Barbara and especially especially especially after he said he created her. I'm betting that there's more out there and I'm betting that the woman Angela saw in her vision was one of the clones but not Niki or Tracey. Maybe this Barbara? Anyway she goes and talks to Micah. Who is brilliant. I love his power and it's good to see him actually use it. Also Micah gets awesome points for instinctively knowing that Tracey wasn't his mother and that she has a power. Thumbs definately up for him. Hope he and Monica make more of a return later in the season. Hopefully without such a big case of lame disease.

Then there's Matt and Isaac Mk. 2. I have come to the conclusion that no matter where everyone else gets their power from (adrenaline, genetics, candyfloss, waffles) the painting the future power comes from drugs. Issac was a drug addict and then he learns to paint the future. Issac Mk. 2 goes on some trippy drug induced spirit quest and learns how to paint the future. Then here's the clincher Matt goes on some trippy drug induced spirit quest and his eyes go all paint-the-futureish. So there's a lesson to be learned there obviously. The lesson is that doing drugs gives you powers, so go and do drugs and one day you too could paint the future.

And speaking of Hiro and Ando, which we weren't but go with it, well this week they had a run in with the Haitian (yay!) who was transferring part of the formula in secret. However Daphne (not Debra as I called her last week) knows precisely where he's going to be and also seems to know what the Haitians power is (she knows to use hers once he's knocked out, it could be just a lucky guess or that she could tell her power was available again but I'm sticking with this theory because it allows me to make wild stabs in the dark as to who I think is the main villain amongst all these Villains) this is a clear sign that she's in fact working for some rogue element inside the company. Only others in the company would know about 1) the existence of the formula 2) where the meeting was taking place 3) the haitian's power and 4) when Hiro was opening the safe. I believe the big villain this series is Angela Petrelli. I believe she sent the man who delivered the DVD to Hiro because she knew that when he saw it he would open the safe (something she couldn't do) and so sent Daphne to get the formula once it had been opened. It makes perfect sense. Also in her dream of the villainous future she was there with Adam, Maury, Niki/Tracey Evil Clone, Knox and Sylar and none of them seemed to want to harm her. She's the evil villain behind it all. I'm telling you right now.

And that about wraps it up apart from to say: "Where's Mohinder?! I Want SpiderMohinder back!"

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