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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Dexter 3x01 - Our Father - Review

Posted on 2008.09.29 at 13:52
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While hunting for somewhere where I could watch the first episode in the new series of Dexter I came across many people saying that there was a twist towards the end of the episode. Something unexpected. Now everyone who has watched this episode knows that this twist takes place in like the last couple of seconds of the episode and it's not really a massive plot twist like say you would have at the end of an episode of Heroes. It's just an unexpected revelation. I say this in the hope that someone who is about to watch the latest episode of Dexter and who has heard that there is a twist will stop thinking about the twist quite so much. I sat there through most of the episode putting together complex theories as to what this twist could be and in the end I don't really think it was worth it. I was thinking on too grand a scale. I was thinking perhaps Harry is still alive and he actually faked his own death, or one of the main characters is unexpectedly killed, or Dexter had some unexpected relationship to his latest victim. None of which happened so that was a bit distracting but I can't really blame the program for that. That distraction is the fault of all the people on the internet and my overactive imagination.

Anyway how about a bit less about what didn't happen and a bit more about what did happen? This is where people who haven't seen the episode should run away in fear and terror before I say things that might spoil the episode, like it turns out Dexter's real father was Jack The Ripper. And stuff like that. Right so spoiler people should leave now. Spoiler people. That'd be a really lame type of person to be. Are they gone? Right okay on with the review proper. So it seems that Dexter has been rather enjoying himself. He's been taking out the bad guys, been having sex with Rita (who it turns out is Darla off of Angel and Buffy (this fact seriously surprised me)), getting along with her kids and even dealing with some of his issues with his father's moral code. All is good in the world of Dexter. A state of affairs which invariably cannot last long. It goes wrong when instead of killing someone in the cold and precise manner which he is used to he just bumps into somebody and then bumps them off this mortal coil. And thank christ I've just remembered why the name Prado sounds familiar. It was Joe Prado I was thinking of; a minor character from the fourth series of 24. I seriously cannot believe my brain just figured that out. Good old brain. Anyway where was I? Oh yeah Dexter killed Oscar Prado and now he has to deal with what he's done. Luckily this is one of the better spontaneous murders that someone could pull off. It places the victim in the house of someone who not only has a reason to kill him, but also a history of murder. If Dexter can't pin this one on "Freebo" I might consider losing all respect for him.
Oh and Rita is pregnant and likes pudding. Yum.


Yum on the pudding. The pregnant is not so yum. It was a clever plot point though. I'm not going to say it was a twist because I don't believe that's the right word. I may go so far as to say it's a plot turn or a plot swivel, possibly even a plot curve. I do not believe that it is a plot twist though. A plot twist is when some fact which was previously considered to be known is dramatically revealed to be false. I suppose you could argue that we previously considered Rita to be not-pregnant and then it's dramatically revealed that she is pregnant but if you did that then I would have no choice but to hit you with a hammer. Seriously.

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