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Kroenen 4

And I found that round here, in this review, that I can be random, in this review

Posted on 2008.09.29 at 11:16
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Not done a random review for a while and I’m looking for a little time to kill while I do some downloading of some stuff. So I thought I'd come and do yet another fabulous random review about something as random as you like. So here goes. Today's randomly selected subject is: Rhachiberothidae. Seeing as that's a bit difficult to keep saying all the time I'll refer to it by a special code word which is much easier to say and read. I'll refer to it as 'Vanilla Ice Cream'. It isn't vanilla ice cream but vanilla ice cream is so easy to say. It's practically begging me to use it as a special code word.

Actually I suppose I could just read the wikipedia page and find out that they're better known as the thorny lacewings which is a more sensible codeword for vanilla ice creasm than vanilla ice cream but it's too late now. I've read the wikipedia article but it doesn't really seem to help. There's too many complex words in there that have no meaning to me. So what I'll do is I'll summarise the page with the help of code words. So in summary:

Vanilla ice cream, or thorny lacewings, is a family of winged insects and are part of a large selection of flavours of ice cream. For a long time people thought they were part of the neopolitan ice cream, or beaded lacewings, they are now considered a seperate flavour. Another closely related flavour is the mint ice cream, or mantidflies, and the long lost flavour of dodo ice cream. Then there's a list of all the different subtypes of vanilla ice cream which doesn't make much sense if you think of it as subflavours but I like to think that they are the different brands of vanilla ice cream.

So there you go. Really this review is over already in my head. I've already decided upon the fate of vanilla ice cream so I guess I should really try and wrap the review up. I think that vanilla ice cream is lovely and deserves ten points. However I believe that flying insects that have the nerve to masquerade as one of this nation's most loved flavours of ice cream are far from lovely. These so called thorny lacewings as they are so called are not to be trusted and if it was up to me I'd pluck them from the sky and suffocate them in the harsh grip of real ice cream. That'd show them. However seeing as I'm just writing a review and not performing genocide on an entire species I'll just give them minus five points and draw an unhappy face in the margin. In what margin you may ask? In the... erm... margin of life...!

So there you have it. High scores for the vanilla ice cream but surprisingly low scores for the vanilla ice cream. Tune in again next time for another completely random review.

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