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Three Reviews For The Price Of One

Posted on 2008.09.28 at 00:39
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Which, as nobody pays to read my reviews anyway, is free. But three times as free as before. Or something. Oh god I knew this wasn't a good idea. I was sat there thinking shall I review My Name Is Earl and Merlin and part of me was thinking 'yes I should because people expect certain things of me. People expect that I'm going to come on here and review something regardless of whether I have anything to say about it or if my brain is even working.' And another part of me is like 'no. I shouldn't be writing a review while I'm half asleep. Or actually I might be on a sugar rush. I'm not sure which. I'm tired yet giddy at the same time? That sounds like both? I thought being on a sugar rush and being half asleep were two different things completely incombinable. Like being a lesbian and being straight. Either way the point is that I'm in no fit state to write a review of anything.' and a third part of me is saying 'lesbians! lesbians! lesbians!' but that one's there all the time and I don't value it's opinion on most topics.

In the end I must think of the audience because I prioritise you all above even my lesbians-addled brain. I must put aside my own personal needs and wants in order to give you, at no cost, a deep insight into my mental status and a detailed and amusing analysis of a recent TV program.
So with that in mind I'm not going to review anything, because giving quality reviews to the audience is the priority. No cutprice review artist am I! See? Look at that sentence. What does that mean? That's why I can't write reviews at the moment. Because I'm saying things like that. Years from now they're going to teach that sentence in schools up and down the world as one of the first signs of mental illness! Who'd want to read a review written by someone with a brain that can produce something like that?

So with that said, and rather eloquently I think, tune in tomorrow when I'll be reviewing three things for the price of one.

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