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Supernatural - Castiel

Supernatural 4x02 - Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester - Review

Posted on 2008.09.26 at 14:16
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Dean starts the episode roughly where I am, except I've already come to conclusion that it must be angels and am now looking for the catch. The one thing that makes Dean being pulled out of Hell by the good guys a bad thing. At the end of the episode Castiel goes No More Mister Nice Angel after Dean makes the not unreasonable point that he's just been pulled out of Hell, would one guardian angel, just on the safe side, be far too much for Heaven to spare? Apparently the answer is yes because Lilith is opening seals, metaphorical seals, not actual live seals and is determined to set loose Lucifer himself. The way things are going at the moment Jesus is going to swoop down from Heaven and referee the fight between Dean and Lucifer. I personally think Castiel is lying. I think that if there's an apocalypse to be had he's going to be on the side helping to bring it about. I liked New Ruby's bit about Angels being all Kill First and Don't Bother To Think About The Consequences Later as it totally fits into this mental image I have of Castiel being fundamentally good but ultimately the Big Bad because he wants Dean to destroy Sam or something.

Seeing the characters back from old episodes was good. Meg was by far the most interesting with the man from Nightshifter there to make up the numbers. If they'd put Gordon in as well as Henricksen then they would have ended up with far too much 'chatting to ghosts' and not enough 'panic room fun' or 'actual exorcism'. Thanks to the copious details that the Creepy Twins told us about Bobby I'm thinking they're either a) mentioned in a previous episode and I've forgot or b) further explained in an upcoming episode and I haven't seen it yet. Meg's ghost had the most interesting things to say despite being wrong in every conceivable way. Dean was trying to save Sam and his dad. You and your twerp little sister... who cares what you think?

I'm rather hoping that Sam will get up the nerve to tell Dean about his adventures he's been having with New Ruby or something. I'd love to see Psychic Sam more often. I'm thinking that's it probably going to end up with New Ruby needing to tell Sam something desperately so she meets up with him while Dean is around prompting confusion and eventually prompting figuring of it out. Last week it wasn't so bad because Dean was keeping stuff from Sam and Sam was keeping stuff from Dean. This week Dean's totally opening up to Sam and Sam is totally staying shut tight. Even if he was being slightly ajar with the truth it'd be something. By the way I don't know what being slightly ajar with the truth means either. I think I've just been up for too long.

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