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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Chuck 2x01 - Chuck Versus The First Date - Review

Posted on 2008.09.25 at 12:43
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I appear to really enjoy reviewing things because lo and behold it's another review.

First things first I really like the adjusted opening sequence and am pleased that more or less every character is now in the title sequence. But the title sequence isn't really the most important thing in the episode (although it does now contain Julia Ling which is good news by anybody's standards).

It starts off with the revelation that the new intersect is ready and that Chuck will, once a critical component of that intersect is delivered, be able to go back to his everyday life. But Casey has recieved different orders. He's recieved orders to kill Chuck as soon as the new intersect is operational and in a bizarre twist of fate it seems he doesn't actually want to kill Chuck, but he's not going to let petty things like emotion cloud his judgement.
Anyway so Sarah encourages Chuck, telling him that he'll be free of his responsiblities as the intersect and that seriously he should look into getting a better job and doing something with his life because he has the talent and ability to do well. Cut to the next day when he's waking up and he's cheerful and happy and going to go out there and do something with his life. It would be uplifting if it didn't have such portents of doom all over it. We, as the audience, know that no matter what happens Chuck is going to end up carrying on being the intersect one way or another. There's no happy ending get out clause for Chuck here. There's 21 episodes left in the season. If he stopped being the intersect what would happen then? Chuck and Morgan's Adventures Through Europe (even with his new lease of life it'd be impossible to get rid of Morgan)? There's no happy ending, not for Chuck anyway.

I got the feeling that Casey didn't particuarly want to kill Chuck but that he would have done. If I'd got the impression that he would have let Chuck go just because he liked him then I would have lost some of my respect for Casey. Although in the future this might make things a little difficult. I want to see Casey continuing to be cold and emotionless, but I also don't want him to have to be killed off or written out. With the continuing march of the new intersect it's looking like some kind of action is inevitable and I'm hoping for some clever loophole to be introduced before Casey has to show emotion or be written out. Like it turns out the rest of the government are jerks who work for the bad guys and go Sarah, Chuck and Casey have to go rogue (even though Casey doesn't like it).

The twin highlights of the episode for me were the "Catch you when you fall" bits with Casey and Chuck bluffing the villains. Chuck was seriously impressive when it came to the bluffing he did and then the scene with the team and it shows that although he doesn't have a talent for killing people or shooting puppies he's very talented at talking his way out of situations amongst other things. There's lots of worse people who could have had an intersect stuck in their head. Me for example. I'd be rubbish at being an intersect. Plus, Adam Baldwin for the win.

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