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No Face

Icon Scizophrenia Part 3! Revenge of the Scizophrenic Icons!

Posted on 2008.09.23 at 15:49
Current Mood:: confusedconfused
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Okay remember about two years ago when my icon spontaneously turned into a picture of some pigeons from the film Finding Nemo? It's happened again and this time it's less fish like and more just plain random. Here are what I have dubbed the parasitcons: (it's funny because they're icons that are a bit like parasites)

So yeah. Look at that. Icons. Okay so I'm just now realising there isn't much point to me coming and pointing at some icons that have inexplicably changed but I don't care. Icons aren't allowed to inexplicably change around here without an explanation and no matter what stands in my way I will hunt down those icons and I will demand an explanation. Either that or I'll do nothing. One or the other.

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