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Heroes - Adam Munroe

Heroes 3x01&3x02 - The Second Coming/The Butterfly Effect - Review

Posted on 2008.09.23 at 15:02
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This might be a tricky review to write. Not because nothing happened which it patently did not but just because there are no words. I am in literal shock. I cannot believe it. I wasn't one of those people who went around bashing season 2 because I could kind of see the point they were trying to make. The first season started off slowly and then rose to a massive excitementness when it reached the end of the season. The second season was doing the same. Tragically it got cut short by that ugly ugly writer's strike but I can see where they were coming from. I don't think the second season was all bad but oh my god! More happened in these two episodes than did in the entirity of the second season. I love it. Where to start?

Future Peter is Nathan's Assassin. I'm loving that by the way. He was trying to do the right thing, put right a problem but now it's all going wrong. It's already starting to spin out of control and it's only two episodes in. Future Peter has definately suffered in that Dark Future. Which I think is the third Dark Future now. We've had Explosion Future then there was Virus Future. I wonder what this one will be called. I'd personally like to plump for Reveal Future. And then the one that Hiro saw to be called "What The Future?". Anyway my point was that Future Peter appears to have changed into a no nonsense Act First, Ask No Questions Later kind of guy. He comes back, kills Nathan (temporarily), shoves Peter into the mind of Jesse Murphy (by the way: Weevil in Heroes! YAY!), then sticks Matt in the middle of the African Savannah (possibly in the future). I love it.
And what about Nathan? He comes back from the dead. Healed by an invisible (I knew it!) Mr Linderman. Is Nathan hallucinating? Is Linderman a ghost? Has he come back from the dead and acquired the ability of selective invisibility? Is he some kind of power sponge like Peter? God it's exciting! Nathan is going to be running for senator or something, which personally I think is a bad idea. No matter what Linderman is it's clear that he is a bad influence.
And speaking of the Petrellis how about Angela? We finally get confirmation on her power and what a power it is. Well I say power I think it might be powers. As in two powers. The brainwashing power and the dreaming power. Or perhaps her dreaming power can be used to brainwash people? Anyway that's awesome. The dream that she had was brilliant but I think I might dissect that later in a weird scattergun approach to reviewing. I thought her best moment this week was talking to Sylar, going along and brainwashing him. Oh my god! If the company have Sylar on their side think of what they could do. They'd be unstoppable.

Speaking of Sylar. Well just "Oh My God!" Sylar stalking Claire in her own house was pure genius. Plus the whole "What are you going to do now? Eat my brain?" "Eat your brain? That's disgusting!" conversation was priceless. I think it's somewhat of a shame that he killed Bob as I kind of liked Bob. A bit. For some reason. But I do approve of him having the power to turn things into gold. I'm glad someone finally has that power who will actually use it. I desperately need an icon of Sylar with the golden gun. Desperately. Can't wait to see how the whole brainwashing thing with Angela goes.
And speaking of Claire, which I wasn't doing but want a way to segway to something else, I totally knew that her mother would show up. Well I didn't totally know but I was thinking of her when I saw one of the escaped villains setting things on fire. You know what. There's Linderman back, there's Meredith back. All we need back now is Claude and we'll have a party. Although Claude might already be back. He might never have left and just be watching it all from the sidelines waiting for the opportune moment to intercede. Well, stranger things have happened. Anyway Claire. I loved her whole standing in front of a train bit and bit about not feeling any pain. When I saw her with the glass in her hand I was worried that Sylar had stolen her power away from her and she wasn't going to be able to heal. I shouldn't have worried because if this was the case she would be walking around with something of a loose scalp.

And what about Mohinder? He's finally got a power. He's... wait for it... Spiderman! Even down to growing things on his back that look like some kind of horrible egg thing. I think they'll probably hatch into little Mohinders or something. Who knows? I love Mohinder with powers. Normal Mohinder is good but Mohinder with powers was so joyful and happy to have them. It was great. This was of course until he discovered he had the world's most disgusting back. Who knows what he thinks now. Him and Maya hooking up was good as well but I can't help but think that Maya is just waiting around for Sylar to come and rob her brain.
Speaking of people with powers who didn't used to have powers what about Ando in "What The Future?" He looked like he had a pretty funky power then. I believe that this wasn't a robot or a person who has the ability to change how people see them (Candice is dead and I don't think Sylar has her power or else he'd be using it) I believe this was actually Ando but in an ironic twist Ando is only "betraying" Hiro because Hiro has been treating him badly. And Hiro has been treating him badly because he's seen that Ando is going to betray him. See! See what happens when you mess around with time travel! It makes your best friend kill you! Don't mess around with time travel! Oh and he probably got the power he used to kill Hiro with from Mohinder's power-giving research. And then what the hell happened after that? A massive tornado/earthquake/powercut? Powernadoquake I think I'll call it. Just for simplicities sake. It's even more exciting than the big explosion that Hiro saw when he first went to the future. At least an explosion could be quantified. This Powernadoquake is difficult to quantify.
Hiro opening the safe was priceless. Hiro is brilliant. He's just so happy. It's just something of a shame that when the whole world suffers from the worst Powernadoquake in known history it's going to be all his fault for being so impatient. Hiro seems to need a challenge. Something to do. Something to aspire to. Which is why I believe he's probably enjoying this. I imagine if he'd found the formula hidden behind the Mona Lisa he would still have done the whole tracker business just so that he can find out where the other part of the formula is. I loved that speedster woman as well. Debra. She was really great.

Then what about Tracey Strauss. She bears a striking resemblance to good old Niki Sanders but I'm not so sure that it is her. I mean obviously it could be because of the whole multiple personalities and they do look exactly alike but I'm going to have to either place my bets on Evil Twin or Evil Clone. Not that she seems evil. It's just if there's a secret doppelganger of you wandering about you usually don't expect them to bring hugs and puppies. Plus I don't think she's Niki because, well, she turned a man into ice. Niki can't exactly do that. Actually I was about to say that I thought she was a clone because we know about the one sister Niki did have who is dead. But then again wasn't Nathan dead? Wasn't HRG dead? Wasn't more or less everyone dead at some point? I think this is Jessica, the real Jessica, who was revived by Linderman/Adam Munroe's blood and who was brainwashed by Angela to think she was someone else. Someone called Tracey Strauss.
Right next up is Matt. Matt's in Africa somewhere in the desert. We suppose he's in the present because his new painter friend (Isaac Mk. 2) mentions Britney Spears. But he could be in the future (I'm thinking post-apocalyptic) or in the past (this painter sees the future. He could have seen the future with Britney Spears in it?). I loved the bit with Matt and the turtle. It was made of win. Although if the turtle had been talking I would have voted for soemone with the power to communicate through the bodies of animals, rather than an actual talking turtle.
Next up is Peter, but normal Peter this time, or as I'll call him from now on Ghost Peter. Because it's like he's possessing Jesse (who is played by Weevil from Veronica Mars which is so much win!). I love the situation over there at the moment. He's got an in with the biggest team of villains since Adam Munroe, Maury Parkman, Tracey Strauss or Niki Sanders all teamed up with an unknown man. Oh wait that hasn't happened yet. Anyway back to Ghost Peter. He's teamed up with them and I imagine he's waiting for the opportune moment to strike out against them but this might be trickier than he imagines. I doubt he has his powers at the moment and he's going to have to figure out what Jesse's are. In fact he might have a tough time because the Crazy Gang might stop trusting him if he doesn't kill anyone or use his powers.
Next up is Elle. I'm glad she survived. I liked her even before I got addicted to Veronica Mars. I just hope she takes this new opportunity she has and uses it to be one of the proper good guys. She's got some power there. I think that more or less covers everyone. It was a very busy two hours and my brain is starting to fail. All that's left is a quick dissection of Angela's dream.

Okay so in her dream she saw everyone dying and everything I'm more interested with her little band of villains. Adam Munroe, Maury Parkman, Tracey Strauss/Niki Sanders and the unknown man. Many would probably argue that Sylar was also there and he should be classed as a villain but the important part is that he wasn't stood with the villains. He was stood with Angela. And she brainwashed him at the end of the episode. This is an indication that he isn't part of the villains. He's going to be one of the good guys. By and large. He will be with the company so he's not really a knight in shining armour.

So there you go. The longest and most excitable review of anything I've ever written. Needless to say. I can't wait for next week.


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cube_166 at 2008-09-24 08:35 (UTC) (Link)
I know what you mean. I had a look at the self-implosion over at the episode discussion post and eventually just decided it wasn't worth it.
flying_teapot at 2008-11-26 00:40 (UTC) (Link)
That was an awesome review! I've fallen behind on reading the reviews this volume, so I'm catching up now. Loved the label of "What the Future?"
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