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Heroes - Sylar 2

Season 3: Uninformed Speculation

Posted on 2008.09.23 at 11:10
Current Mood:: excitedexcited
No. I'm not watchig the third season of a program called Uninformed Speculation. Uninformed Speculation is a rubbish name for a series and I guarantee I'm about to watch a good series. I'm currently in the process of obtaining the first episodes of the third series of Heroes and I just know it's going to be awesome. So, how about some uninformed speculation eh?

Well I reckon that Sylar isn't going to be best pleased that 'The Company' stole his powers from him for the best part of the second season and thus may at some point may team up with some of the others in order to take down the company. Probably Peter because he'll probably be all revengy since that unknown someone attacked and killed(?) Nathan. Anyway I reckon that was their father: Arthur Petrelli who was brought back to life when he originally died either by Linderman's healing touch or by Adam's blood. Hopefully Niki will be dead, because that'll mean that she'd be the second of Micah's parents to die horribly in a very short period of time and that would be fun (although not for him) plus it would mean he could go and live with Monica. Who is awesome despite the fact she doesn't have a clue how to untie a knot. Elle will probably come to the side of the good guys because she enjoyed being called a hero by Mohinder so much. Maya will probably join Mohinder and Matt and Molly and they'll all live in a mansion in Manhattan and eat muffins. Or something. Who knows? Why am I sat here speculating when I could be out there accumulating I mean watching the damn program?

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