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Heroes - Elle Bishop

I Love Lists!

Posted on 2008.09.22 at 17:05
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So Heroes Season 3 starts up tonight. Guess what I'm going to do now then? Make a list of all my favourite episodes of Heroes from the previous two series? Yes that was a pretty good guess. Well done. Have some cake.

5. Six Months Ago
I love Six Months Ago. It's such a cleverly done episode. Four Months Ago in season 2 is also good but I prefer this episode because it isn't just a flashback. It's also the present for Hiro. It has lots of great bits in it, like origins of Sylar and of Eden (people forget about Eden but she was awesome). And Matt sat in his police car eating doughnuts. He's like a walking cliche :)
Also if the last two seasons are anything to judge by I'm looking forward to the episode: Two Months Ago in Season 3. However by Season 4 things are going to get a little complicated with the episode No Months Ago which actually takes place in a parallel universe (P.S. Do this. This episode would be awesome).

4. Five Years Gone
I seem to love episodes that take place out of the timeline. This one is in the dark future and features pretty much everyone taking a level in badass. Hiro, Peter, HRG, Matt they're all awesome. President Sylathan is especially awesome and that scene between Peter and Sylathan is pure unmitigated genius. This episode could not have been better had God himself descended from the Heavens to write it, and honestly, how can you prove he didn't? Eh? Think about that one.

3. Cautionary Tales
Excitement! Adventure! Really Wild Things! There's Hiro uncovering the identity of his father's killer. Darth Matt turning towards the dark side and of course the HRG thing. The moment that makes the episode of course comes just mere seconds before it ends. HRG lying on a slab, dead, to HRG sitting on a slab undeaded. Pure awesome.

2. Powerless
God this is really getting me in the mood to watch more Heroes. I'm seriously excited for the next episodes now! Glee! Anyway the final episode of the second series. Okay this episode suffers from the Writer's Strike. If the Writer's Strike hadn't been such an evil colossal behemoth threatening to block out the sun then perhaps we might have had the second half of this series which would have consisted of the world's most deadly virus being released and Nathan going into awesome mode to keep everyone quarantined. It would have been sheer unmitigated awesome. What actually happened was definately awesome but you know if only I had Hiro's power and could go back and solve that damn Writer's Strike myself perhaps Powerless might be at number 1 on this episode list and then everyone would be happy. Especially me.

1. How To Stop An Exploding Man
Is it Sylar? Is it Peter? I'll tell you one thing for nothing, it's bloody exciting either way. Every single character coming together for the climactic fight between Peter and Sylar. And well I can't put into words how good it was. You know how good it was. You've seen the damn thing. I would rather that DL had died there and then instead of being killed by a random with a gun (randoms with guns for the lose) but other than that I can't really fault the spectacular first series finale. Oh and Hiro going back to Feudal Japan. Yeah it did go on a bit long but we didn't know at that point and so it was all kinds of awesome.

Okay so I've definately whipped myself up into a frenzy. What a shame that I won't actually be seeing Heroes until tomorrow when I will have (hopefully) been to sleep and will be significantly calmed down. Oh well. Can't win everything. Oh and now I've seen Veronica Mars Elle gets extra points for being sheer bottled awesomeness. By the way have I mentioned how Heroes is awesome? People say I overuse the word awesome but I disagree. The word awesome only becomes more awesome through prolonged usage.

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