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Tatu 10

Writer's Block: Autumn Begins

Posted on 2008.09.22 at 14:55
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Autumn starts today! How do you personally sense the change in seasons? Is Autumn more of a season in itself, or a transition period?

Wait so you mean that until today it's still been summer? Seriously? This I have issues with. Anyway regardless of which day actually heralding the start of autumn it's fairly clear which season we are in now. Autumn is a season. It's the season of Autumn? Why wouldn't it be a season? It's not like it's all some great government conspiracy to try and convince us there are four seasons so that they can name all their hotels and pizzas four seasons. Or something. I don't really understand this question. Is it more of a season or a transition period? All seasons are transition peroids. Even Summer. It's a season but it's definately a transition between Spring and Autumn. That is as long as Spring is still a season. If you ask me Spring sounds like a made up season and there's only three really.

By the way I'm talking gibberish now I know. It's not my fault, I was up all night looking up things on the internet and now I've just had some chocolate. Okay both of those things are technically my fault but lets just agree to disagree. I hate it when people say that! It's such an annoying thing to do. Lets not agree to disagree. Lets kill one another until we are proved correct, dead or stupid. Anyway the point is... Autumn is a real season. People who claim it isn't are like those people who say that black isn't a real colour, except even more stupid.

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