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Angel - Fred

Writer's Block: Deaf Awareness

Posted on 2008.09.21 at 11:23
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In conjunction with Deaf Awareness Month, discuss some famous deaf people who have helped to make history. If you're hearing impaired yourself, give us a sense of what your experience is like, so we can better appreciate it.

I was concerned about coming up with something interesting to say as I don't know any deaf people, cannot speak sign language, am not aware of any famous deaf people apart from Beethoven and base my idea of deaf people on an impression that Ross Noble did of a deaf kid he knew at school who grunted like Chewbacca. I wouldn't make the ideal spokesperson for deafness. So it's with great relief that I spot a grammatical error that I can seize upon instead. How about if you're severely grammatically challenged you give us a sense of what your experience is like so we can better appreciation it.

Or something. It's Sunday for crying out loud! It should be a day for relaxing. For falling asleep with one eye open and eating apple pie and all gathering around a fire and all that kind of nonsense. It's not a day for trying to reach out to the deaf. You know how blind people's hearing improves. Do you think deaf people's sight improves? I think it probably does.


a lifetime of change
etched_in_40 at 2008-09-21 14:57 (UTC) (Link)
no one can speak sign language. it's not a spoken language, just so you know :)
cube_166 at 2008-09-21 21:22 (UTC) (Link)
Good point. Blame that one on it being a Sunday morning. :)
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