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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Writer's Block: International Coastal Cleanup

Posted on 2008.09.20 at 13:15
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Today is International Coastal Cleanup. If you live near a body of water, how are you helping to clean the beach today?

I'm going to empty a huge bottle of washing up liquid into the water. That'll make the water all clean and shiny and not at all dangerous and toxic for the fish and other assorted sea animals that happen to live in it. In fact it'll probably make them clean and shiny as well so it's a win win.

In related news I'm watching a program called Shark which isn't about sharks but in fact about a lawyer who isn't in fact called Shark but actually Sebastian Stark. Stark is a word I associate with The Longest Journey, which is a game which spawned a sequel called Dreamfall which is a bit like a waterfall which if I had my way would be all full of washing up liquid and clean and shiny. See! It's all connected like some kind of spiritual telephone switchboard in the sky. Or something.

Anyway speaking of dreams I had a dream that some people had become so obsessed with Buffy they'd forgot who they actually were and thought they were part of the program. Also in the dream Buffy herself had become so disconnected with the world that she realised it was a TV program and left (I think). It did occur to me at the time that have dreams like this makes me dangerously close to the obsessive fans who I just dreamt up. Then I got all confused by my own dream and had to go and have a lie down, which I was conveniently already doing, since I was dreaming and all that. Anyway the upshot of this story is that I have weird dreams. Satisfied?

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