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Supernatural - Lilith

Supernatural 4x01 - Lazarus Rising - Review

Posted on 2008.09.19 at 11:18
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Oh my god! Now that was an episode. I've always loved the Psychic Sam angle and so I'm really rather ridiculously pleased to see that Sam's gone off on his own (with New Ruby) to hunt down demons and use awesome powers of awesomeness on them. I also like the idea of Ruby being back in another body. Fits the storyline well. She's like the new Doctor or James Bond or something. Still there wasn't enough of her in this episode to judge whether or not she'll be as good as Ruby Classic.

However Dean is the real star of this episode. It is all about him really so I'm now going to talk about him. I loved the whole starting sequence. Dean rising up from the grave, seeing all the trees torn from the ground around the grave. The sequence in the fill-up station. It was very eerie. Seeing him reunited with Bobby and then Sam was brilliant. Especially their reactions to him being alive.

Then of course there is creepy "angel" man. If Castiel really is an angel then I am confident in proclaiming that he is some kind of evil angel. Possibly like one that's gone rogue or something. Anyway I'm fairly confident that he's going to slaughter Lilith to death.


jackfan2 at 2008-09-19 12:03 (UTC) (Link)
I believe the angels that Kripke is portraying in SPN will not be the sweet cuddly things we consider them to be. In truth, even in the Bible, some angels were avenging and delivered justice with brutality and much death to the evil members of the human race.

Castiel, however, I think he'll attempt to use Dean subtly to get Sam to play out his hand, and to draw Lilith out. He'll use Dean to play Sam, just as Ruby did to Sam in season 3. There will be much of that this season.

I don't think it was the actress that played the new Ruby that bothered me as much as it was the new Ruby herself. She was... nice. For some odd reason she was nice! It's so inconsistent with the bitch that Katie Cassidy portrayed.

So why's she all nice all of a sudden? Ok, so gettin it on with Sam would make any girl happy (though I prefer Dean) but still, s'rsly? And c'mon Sam, like.. that's demon-Ruby inhabiting some girl! That's not Ruby you're bouncing, that's some probably rode hard put away wet girl (no pun intended) and fugly demon Ruby!!! Seems just odd that Sam would overlook all that and bed that evil skank (Dean's words, not mine).

Of course, with Ruby being all nice (still makes no sense why) Sam's being taken in by her new leave turned. Whatever. C'mon Sam, wise up dude.

But other than that little ick, damn I loved this episode and I REALLY look forward to next weeks!
cube_166 at 2008-09-19 12:28 (UTC) (Link)
I think you could be right about Castiel but I'm certain he'll go bad. He'll play them for a while, possibly trying to turn them against one another, then once Lilith is out of the picture he'll go all extra bad and start trying to destroy the world or something.

I think Ruby might possibly have mellowed a bit because Sam is finally doing what she wants him to do. The whole demon war bit and using his psychic powers and all that.
Also I wouldn't personally jump to conclusions over Sam sleeping with Ruby. Sure they shared a room but they are (presumably) working as a team. It might just make sense in a logistical sense. And if he is then I would imagine it's more to do with Dean having been dead than with Ruby being nice.

Either way I cannot wait till next week :)
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