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Buffy - Willow and Tara


Posted on 2008.09.18 at 19:05
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So Supernatural returns for a fourth series today and to show that I'm ready with giddy anticipation I'm doing a list of my five favourite episodes. Don't ask me why, I just like doing lists of my favourite episodes of things. I might even throw in a list of my favourite episodes of House which I fully intended to do on the day that that was coming back for a new series but didn't get around to.

Top Five Favourite Supernatural Episodes:

5. A Very Supernatural Christmas
It's definately unusual to see a horror program doing a Christmas themed episode. From reading other people's favourite episode lists I get the feeling that the idea I've just expressed is becoming something of a cliche but it's still a valid point. It's a great episode with all you need: Anti-Santa, Creepy Pagans and Flashbacks to how Sam found out about the 'family business'. Plus death via christmas tree is always good.

4. Mystery Spot
This is a brilliant episode with the return of the Trickster (Tall Tales would have been on my list had it been a bigger list). It's really cleverly executed and switches from absolute hilarity to dark angst at the flick of a switch. Previous to this episode you've seen how Dean responds to Sam's death but this episode which combines comedy and tragedy perfectly, shows exactly how Sam responds to Dean's death. All in all I think Dean handles it better.

3. The Kids Are Alright
Dean as a potiential father is pure genius and Ben is genius. With this episode the whole fighting evil creatures thing gets pushed into the background a bit but that's fine as it's just perfect.

2. Croatoan
The atmosphere in this episode is brilliant. It's like a zombie outbreak but oh so much more threatening. Who knew demonic viruses could be so much fun. Once again we get to see Dean's seriously messed up attitude when it comes to Sam's death.

1. Faith
My absolute favourite episode of all time. I think I just love this episode so much because of the reaper. He's super creepy and well if that isn't enough the use of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper settles it for me. It'd be difficult, from my perspective, to make a better episode than this. There would have to be like an army of Reapers that had gone crazy or something. And now I've got a mental image of 'Reapers Gone Wild'. That's one hell of a mental image let me tell you.

Top Five Favourite House Episodes:
5. Three Stories
Strangely enough all my favourite episodes of House seem to be in chronological order. I love any episode of anything which appears in some kind of unreality, such as the stories do in this episode. It's got everything you need: from comedic interpretations of previous patients, an insight into House and even an unexpected diagnosis.

4. No Reason
As I've said just before I like episodes that take place in unreality and this one is brilliant. House struggles to figure out whether he actually helps anyone after being shot by the angry ex-husband of a patient and starts suffering from hallucinations. How can he know what is real and what is fake? What if his mental state kills his patient? Okay I sound like I'm writing a promo for the episode now so I'm going to move on.

3. Airborne
House attempting to deal with a pandemic on a plane is a brilliant experience. Especially when he picks random people out of the crowd to help with a differential. Bonus points go to this episode for it's title. An airborne virus while airborne. You couldn't make up a pun as good as that.

2. Frozen
Frozen is a great emotional episode. Like Airborne it forces House to make use of what little there is in the environment around the patient, but this episode is far more patient orientated. There is a genuine connection between House and... erm... the patient, whatever her name is. It's just brilliant.

1. House's Head
Once again I pick an episode where at least some of the episode takes place in a kind of unreality. This time House is trying to reconstruct his memories of a bus crash and he knows that if he can't do it then someone is going to die. This episode gets extra points for Striptease Cuddy.

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