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House - Thirteen

House 5x01 - Dying Changes Everything - Review

Posted on 2008.09.17 at 13:49
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So now all the programs are starting up again I'm going to start reviewing them again, like I did with Heroes last year. To kick off this series of reviews here's a review of the latest episode of House.

So House is back from his near death experience and despite the assurance that 'Almost Dying Changes Nothing' he has in fact changed. Just a bit. He has previously abandoned patients as a blackmail tactic but that was for vicodin which is kind of critical to him being able to do his job properly. Since he's now employing the same tactic for Wilson to stay shows how much Wilson's relationship matters to him. In previous seasons had Wilson had to leave for one reason or another House would probably have tried to argue with him and show him the reasons why he was wrong but I doubt that he would have gone as far as he has done. So I think he has changed. Not changed in a massive significant way, like he stops being unreasonable or any of the other things that we love him for but that he's actually willing to admit he needs someone.

Or alternatively we've never seen Wilson want to leave of his own volition before and this is how he would have responded back before almost dying. I'm betting on option A though. The theme, that 'Dying Changes Everything', continues with 13. She is now officially dying and is determined to make sure that her time means something. After House abandons the patient she takes the reins of the medicalness and attempts to prove that she's as good as House. Which she isn't because nobody is as good as House but I'm not going to hold it against her.
House makes a good point though that nothing has really changed. Everyone dies. All that's really changed is that 13 has been handed a timetable of when she can expect to die. She claimed that she was living under the assumption that she could die and taking risks and living for the day because of it. If she really was then this shouldn't have changed anything.

Wilson and House are having a little drama of their own. Cuddy trying to coach them back together was brilliant. Ultimately I think that Wilson will come back to House and be friends again (after a fashion) and that it's just grief speaking at the moment. So I'm not going to overdrama it.

Medical stuff was interesting. Pregnant and yet not-pregnant and all the rest of the contradictory symptoms were clever. I also like the idea of Pretty Leprosy and am wondering where I can go to get some. All in all it was a good episode and I'm all hyped up for more next week.

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