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Tatu 18

Who Crashed The Bus?

Posted on 2008.09.16 at 21:45
Current Mood:: mischievousmischievous
Okay I know the rest of the world is probably more than adequately aware of what happens in the finale conclusion of the second series of Veronica Mars but as I am not yet aware of what happens because I haven't yet watched it and have more or less avoided the internet since I started watching in an attempt to avoid all possible spoilers I decided to attempt to figure it out myself.

I'm not really cut out to be a private investigator, but if there's one thing I am cut out to be it's someone who predicts storylines of TV programs. Although my powers seem to fail me where Veronica Mars is concerned. For most of the season I've been proclaiming from the hills that I think the Mayor caused the bus crash, or I would have been if I'd been near any hills and in a proclaiming kind of mood. Anyway now I come to the final episode I find that the characters seem to reckon it was the mayor as well and now I'm shying away from that standpoint. It's likely to be someone we don't expect. So in preparation for this I'm suspecting Logan Echolls. Here are the facts:

1. Logan's accused murder of Felix created a sort of gang war between 09ers and non-09ers which he participated in (burnt a pool or something).
2. A rat drove most of the 09ers from the bus (not literally) leaving non-09ers, possibly the type of non-09ers that Logan might like to explode.
3. Logan could potientially have had line of sight on the bus to make it explode at the right time.

Don't look at me like that. It's potientially possible. Admittedly it's only slightly more likely than Wallace decided to blow up the bus because he was bored but still. Anything's possible.

Anyway I'm off to watch it now. Seeya later with either incredulous excitement that I was right (unlikely) or incredulous excitement for incredulous excitement's sake.

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