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New Series Time In Americaland

Posted on 2008.09.16 at 18:54
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I love Buffy and Angel and Firefly and Veronica Mars and all of that but today I'm especially glad that I'm up to date on one TV show that is currently airing. This TV show is of course everyone's favourite doctor: House. Because today House returns for it's fifth series and the first one I'll have seen live. Excitement and anticipation are most definately in the air. It's New Series time in Americaland and over the next few weeks I can look forward to the following exciting new series: Supernatural, Heroes, Dexter, Chuck (isn't it weird how most of my favourite programs have one word names?), Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money.

Anyway to celebrate the new series of House I answered some questions as to who my favourite characters were and all that kind of thing. It was brilliant. Well not brilliant but alright. Mildly entertaining. Okay it was an awful terrible thing and if I ever see it again I will hunt it down and murder it. Anyway exciting things are happening in Veronica Mars and if I don't go and watch it then it will have been all for naught.

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