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Doctor Who - Rose

Episode 961: In Which I Continue To Make My Way Through The Neverending List of Good TV

Posted on 2008.09.15 at 02:13
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Just so you know since Angel and Buffy finished I've not been sitting around pining for those heady days when I all I had to worry about was watching more Angel and Buffy and making lists. Not that I was worried about making lists. I meant that I was pining for those heady days and making lists. Now that that has been cleared up (improper grammar, like time, makes fools of us all) I'm hear to talk about some of the brilliant programs I've been watching since finishing Angel and Buffy. In fact all of the brilliant programs I have been watching since finished Angel and Buffy. Isn't it weird that I put Angel first? I suppose I should really put Buffy first because it's the show that spawned Angel. Anyway here are all the brilliant programs I etcetera etcetera.

1. The Middleman. The Middleman is pure genius. Snappy dialogue, crazy storylines and Natalie Morales... what more could you ask for? Some form of art crawl? Well fear not for the Middleman contains one of those as well. (ART CRAWL!)

2. Veronica Mars. I'm a little late to this party as well which is a shame because, like the Middleman, Veronica Mars is pure genius. Although I may regret not watching Buffy and Angel (did it the right way round this time) I don't regret not watching Veronica first time. I would never have been able to watch these one episode a week, waiting to find out who did the Big Crime of the series.

Anyway if I had to give out an award this week I'd give it to the Middleman and the award I'd give would be the 'Best Avoidance of the Obvious Song Award' which, as the title of the award suggests, is awarded for not using a song which is too obvious. The obvious song being that 'Stuck in the Middle With You' song. That's so obvious that the audience at home could probably sing it themselves if they really felt that it needed it. Then again the audience at home could probably do most things if they felt a show needed it. They could completely rewrite storylines in order to manufacture a situation where two of their favourite characters get to have (probably gay) sex in explicit detail. Oh wait. We've already got that and we call it fanfiction. Hmm. Anyway it's late and I have people to do and things to see. Or something to that effect.

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