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Buffy - Willow and Tara

Super Journal Revamp! (TM)

Posted on 2004.07.07 at 15:24
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Those who buzz around my journal page and my friends page all day long will already have noticed the super revamp (tm), however I fear that there may be very few of you who do this. Everyone else can form a beeline to click on my link and see the nice redness that will infect your very soul and drive you to the mind sweltering brink of insanity. Well now the only really interesting piece of news I could bear to share with you is the storm that came our way last night. I was up till about two in the morning, reading a book.... no really I was really reading a book! Really! Then I decided to get some sleep and as I lay there I noticed the whole room flashing at irregular intervals, and claps of thunder echoing off into the distance. At first I didn't notice them too much because I'd been just getting to sleep... you know how it is. You try to find a position which is shall we say... comfortable... and then I eventually noticed and counted the seconds between the lightning and the thunder, and if the old superstition holds true then it was about eight miles away. However I then fell asleep and missed the lightning hitting overhead and rain pounding onto the streets as though God was angry with us and wanted us to suffer incessantly over whatever crime it was we'd done. Anyway the moral of the story is, if you are too lazy you'll miss a really big storm... which isn't really much of a moral because I don't know whether that's meant to be a good thing or a bad thing.

And what is all this paying for livejournal for special features eh? I don't have enough money to spend on things I find and instantaneously want in my daily endeavours without having to pay for online stuff... I mean there's about 70 dvds out there laughing at me because I can't raise the funds to even look at them. Things sure are pricy in Manchester, if I ruled the world all this would be different. For one thing catindisguise and pdservo would be out there with some kind of oversized mallets killing all the people who even tried to buy the things that I like... and people who dared not to wear hats of course. cja_3000 would hang around in my office as like one of those stress release things that you have... In fact scrap that, I can't see how cja would even slightly help me combat stress... I mean he's not satisfying to punch, his manner befits that of a deranged orangutan who has watched too many Tarantino films and he isn't even a pimp charity....

Ooh! Pimp Charities! Well you see Cat had this idea, although she doesn't believe in it the way I do. What happens is that a pimp gathers up the finest group of prostitutes or lesbians or whatever and then rents them out for free... because... because... aha! It'll bankrupt the other pimps and then they will have the whole market to themselves and be able to move into other areas like drugs and training to be a lawyer. Man I just had this total lapse into imagining a TV series which bizarrely didn't even involve Ross Noble... although he could probably be the judge or something. I imagine he'd be like the funky far out, sort of mentally unstable judge who'd throw away his wig and go limbo dancing on his table the moment that the trial starts.

Anyway in honour of pdservo a.k.a. Ninty joining our ranks I'll give him a nice little welcome celebration involving a monocle and yoghurt. In fact I'll just let your minds run rampant with that image and I'll end on that note... at least it sounds positive.


cja_3000 at 2004-07-07 15:15 (UTC) (Link)
Deranged orangutan? deranged orangutan? a deranged bloody orangutan? Well maybe your onto something there...Though if im not satisfying to injure why the hell does everyone keep huking me? Shits & giggles I guess but that no reason too, wait what did I start talking about again? Oh yeh Orangutans, funny stuff anyway im off to my Lj and may even update it but dont expect and fanncy new colours there.

Also welcomr to the maddness which is whatever this is, now all we need is Gleno and the ploan will work. The magical rings will start to glow and then Big Ben will release the knock out toxin letting us...well you know the rest.

I said that Ninty in a monocle with yoghurt thing to you weeks ago, kudos on remembering though. :D

See ya on the flip side little Noochies!
catindisguise at 2004-07-07 21:02 (UTC) (Link)

Hats, mallets and monocles

Yeah, killing people for not wearing hats is good.

Cube, that pimp charity would never work, unless you were pimping Gleno or CJA, but people would probably want you to pay them.

Also shut up CJA and stop revealing our secret plot! You big.............orangutan. :p *nukes*
cube_166 at 2004-07-07 22:05 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Hats, mallets and monocles

The charity would work because people would pay you to keep gleno and cja away.
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