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More Lists

Posted on 2008.09.11 at 02:03
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Because I'm still at somewhat of a loose end and I like making lists here are some more Buffy/Angel lists.

Top 5 Favourite Characters:

5. Illiriya
As much as I hated Fred's death, it brought with it Illiriya. And Illiriya has blue hair and bluish skin so is automatically awesome.

4. Lorne
I love Lorne. He's brilliant. Ever since the Pylea episodes I kept willing him to be officially included in the team.

3. Spike
Willow, Xander and Spike are arguably the true heroes of the series. That is if by hero you mean the posh literary scholar version of the word hero where it means the person who has changed the most throughout the story. Buffy and Angel hardly change at all. Buffy starts as the slayer; trying to balance a normal life and saving the world. In the end she is a slayer who has more or less given up on a normal life. A change but not a massive one. Angel has changed even less. He was a vampire with a soul attempting to fight the good fight for redemption and also to make numerous references to puppies. He still is at the end. Now Spike is a character that changes. He starts off as the Vice Big Bad of Season 2 and goes one way and another to being a force for good with a soul and everything.

2. Willow
Willow is a) an awesome character b) a powerful witch and c) a lesbian. Anyone who possesses all three of these qualities is awesome. In fact more than awesome because awesome character kind of implies awesomeness.

1. Giles
Giles is brilliant. I love how much he became like a father to Buffy and "Standing" in Once More With Feeling can really get to me. I kind of wish that Buffy had been able to stand on her own two feet better as then she might not have drove Giles away and good times would be had by all. But I understand it even if I don't like it.

Top 5 Best Big Bads:

5. Glory
Glory doesn't really standout more than the other villains but I have to pick one and she was a Hellgod. I actually really liked the conclusion to Glory's storyline. I liked how when it came down to the fight Glory wasn't significantly weakened just so that the battle could actually be won. Not that that ever really happens in Buffy. *cough*Turok-Han*cough*

4. Jasmine
Jasmine is the creepiest villain ever. She managed to be intensely evil and creepy while at the same time being calm and loving. Also she was great as she was the most morally ambiguous Big Bad ever. The only thing that I think would have made Jasmine better was if from Shiny Happy People to Peace Out she was included in the opening credits as though she were a main character.

3. Marcus Hamilton
Adam Baldwin is pure brilliance. He could eat an egg and I'd probably rate it as one of my favourite things ever, which is impressive as I don't like eggs. Not unless they're easter eggs. It'd be awesome to eat an easter egg with Adam Baldwin. Also it'd be nice to have a dolphin.

2. Angelus
Creepy, stalkerish, highly intelligent and brutal. Angelus is just plain brilliant.

1. Dark Willow
Dark Willow is the best Big Bad of them all. Her Big Badliness just comes out of nowhere and in a way which is completely relatable. She's the one Big Bad I've actually sided with.

Top 5 Saddest Events in Buffy/Angel:

5. Tara’s Death (Villains)
Lesbian deaths are traditionally the saddest type of deaths (any tragedy can be made more tragic by adding lesbians, just read any of Sarah Waters' books for confirmation) so it is to be expected that Tara's death would be one of the saddest moments. However it only just made it because Buffy is full to the brim with sad moments. Well not full to the brim because that would be a bit much but put it this way: There is more than five. Anyway this death doesn't place quite so high because all the sadness I felt transformed along with Willow's into a kind of fuming vengeance.

4. Joyce's Death (The Body)
The entire episode is really sad throughout. I felt that the vampire at the end was a bit tacked on in order to have a mandatory fight and the episode would have been improved by having no monsters at all in it (although one could argue that Death itself is enough of a monster for this episode). But all in all the episode was a very emotional one throughout.

3. Angel’s Death (Becoming Part Two)
Brilliantly sad ending to the season. It was obvious that it was going to happen but that didn't make it any less sad. Oooh,I need a hug!

2. Buffy’s Death (The Gift)
Why is there so much death?

1. Fred’s Death (Hole in the World/Shells)
This is probably a weird choice for the saddest moment in the whole series. Sure the rest of them were sad Fred's death left me an utter wreck. Which was odd because I didn't feel a massive connection to Fred. I liked her but I wouldn't have thought that I would label her death as the second saddest thing ever on TV ever (the first is the very last episode of Six Feet Under).

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