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Not Fade Away

Posted on 2008.09.10 at 11:33
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So I've finished watching Angel now, which in any series other than Buffy and Angel would mean I'm finally up to date but at the moment just means that I have to start cobbling some moneys together to buy After the Fall and Season Eight.
It's going to take some adjusting to, the fact that I have finished watching it all. Over the last few days my routine was thus: Get up, watch Angel, have some lunch, continue watching Angel, have some dinner, more Angel, sleep. So I'll probably be having withdrawal for a while. Now for no reason whatsoever is some top 5 lists related to Buffy and Angel.

5 Favourite Episodes of Buffy

5. Something Blue
A brilliant episode with comedy built around a possible relationship between Spike and Buffy. A relationship that could NEVER happen. EVER. Right?

4. Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered
Another hilarious episode. And also another episode of magic gone wrong. I think there is some kind of underlying correlation there.

3. Restless
An episode based in dreams with a man with cheese slices. What's not to like?

2. Hush
Brilliant episode. Eerie and frightening it's fantastic. The Gentlemen are genuinely scary and the lack of speech just makes this episode exceptional.

1. Once More With Feeling
Joss Whedon writes the best musicals.

5 Favourite Episodes of Angel:

5. Sense and Sensitivity
Brilliant and clever episode. Sensitive Angel is just hilarious.

4. Awakening
I love this episode because I totally fell for it. Oh and also, as Angelus himself points out, it's very Indiana Jones-y. So that gets it additional points.

3. Underneath
Toy Poodles on Parade Hell! Plus I love creepy suburban utopias that hide dark secrets.

2. Smiletime
Angel Puppet is fantastic. Plus this episode contains one of my favourite villains of all time. That large purple puppet thing with a horn. That thing as a villain is inspired!

1. Not Fade Away
It's got Adam Baldwin and more demons being killed than you could shake a stick at. The only way this episode could be better if it was a musical.

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