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Tatu 25

Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand But We Walk Alone In Fear

Posted on 2008.09.08 at 19:26
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Isn't that just typical. The day I decide to go back to the Writer's Block questions and they go all political into things I care very little about and force me to come up with my own content for todays update. Well on that note welcome to my latest feature: Cube's All Original Content That He's Thought Up Himself Extravaganzafest 2008!

So here's the host of the Extravaganzafest: Me! And over the course of this extravaganzafest I'm going to bring you the very best of my original ideas all tied up with a bright red ribbon (which I made myself from a cotton farm that I built with my bare hands!) or something. Here's a poem that I wrote:

Deep and dark night lies across the land
No sun, no moon, no light.
Emptiness is all that remains
until the sun does rise it's sleeping head.
So fast does the burst of sunlight come
that its gone within a flash
and now the land once again
can lie in night.

PS: I genuinely wrote this poem and it's copyright and trademark and intellectual property and all that shit. Probably even patented as well.
PPS: Poems don't have to rhyme or even have rhythm if you don't want them to. It's called blank verse you bunch of neanderthals!
PPPS: I don't have anything else to say. I just like doing all those extra Ps in in the PS. I wonder what they actually stand for? Who knows and quite frankly who cares?
PPPPS: Denzel Washington? Okay he does care, but he doesn't know. Seriously, call him up and ask him.

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