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Tatu 2

Writer's Block: Google Founded

Posted on 2008.09.07 at 20:35
Current Mood:: creativecreative
Ten years ago today, Google was founded. In that time, how has Google changed your life, and do you ever go out of your way to avoid its omnipresent power?

I know I said I wasn't going to do the Writer's Block questions any more but I'm weak and I have nothing to say about the world. So instead of just wittering on about the cold all the time I thought I might use these Writer's Block things to provoke my brain into making me type things.

For example this writer's block thing is about google and how it's changed my life. I wouldn't exactly say it's changed my life exactly. It provides me with a tool with which to search the internet. My life wouldn't be that different had it never been existed. Okay I would probably be on a different email address and I would use a different search engine but who cares? Louis Walsh? Of course not! He doesn't care about anyone that isn't Shayne Ward.

Also sometimes I go out of my way to avoid it's omnipresent power (I don't of course (that would be ridiculous) but just go with it for the sake of this joke) but seeing as it's omnipresent (i.e. present everywhere) I have a very hard time. Sometimes I do take a quick jaunt in the nothingness that exists outside the universe but it's not very often and I find that after I've been out in that nothingness I find bits of nothingness stuck between my toes, like sand when you've been down to the beach, except sand doesn't threaten to destroy the very fabric of the universe. At least not normal sand.

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