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Heroes - HRG2

Guess My Friends Can't Stand The Cold

Posted on 2008.09.05 at 11:04
Current Mood:: coldcold
God it's cold today. I woke up in a big pile of coldness. It seems some idiot (me) left my window open and all through the night the coldness had been creeping in ready to spring on me when I least expected it. Anyway I'm not the weather forecast so I won't go on about. Imagine if I was the weather forecast though. I could change the weather to be whatever I wanted it to be. I'd make it be tropical weather in England. That would be seriously awesome. Although I would stop liking it after a couple of days and I'd be really hot and uncomfortable and would have to buy a swimming pool. Because that's the way of the world.

Anyway what was I going to talk about today? Something interesting no doubt. Or actually... who knows? It could really be anything at this point in time. Without the compass of a writer's block question to steer my answer into locations it can comfortably sail I'm essentially lost at sea (if you'll pardon the overlong boating metaphor). But black clouds are gathering and I'll take any port in a storm (which if I understand this metaphor means I'll talk about anything). So shrimp... you either love it or you hate it or you're indifferent about it but one thing's for sure you can't escape it. So there you go. Another brilliant insight into my good old brain there. See you all tomorrow for some rambling which hopefully actually goes somewhere worth going.

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