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Dead Like Me - Mason

Striking A Blow For Blocked Writers Everywhere

Posted on 2008.09.03 at 01:42
Current Mood:: blankblank
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Okay so the joke was supposed to be I give up doing the Writer's Block questions for a week, make feeble attempts at updating and conclude that the Writer's Block questions are probably okay because they give me something to sing write about. However I appear to have developed this ability to find things to talk about without some kind of faceless malevolent question prompting service telling me what to talk about. This has somewhat ruined the story arc that I had so cleverly prepared. Which is a shame because as story arcs go mine was epic. I mean it's the archetypal story arc isn't it? Man loses patience with prompt, man dumps prompt, man struggles, man goes back with prompt, lesbians. It's a classic formula that should never ever be messed with.

Anyway the point was that although writing about whatever is on my mind does sometimes bring up brain failure, even sometimes epic brain failure but I think it's worth sticking with. I used to manage writing my own entries without the aid of outside forces. If I get really stuck I'll just plagarise the works of Robert Rankin. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. After all he never caught up with me over that poem I blatantly pinched from him on multiple occassions.

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