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Tatu 15

Worst Entry Ever?

Posted on 2008.08.31 at 15:56
Current Mood:: exhaustedexhausted
Hello. This is going to be the most rubbish livejournal entry ever. Except you know what? I'm now thinking that it might not be the most rubbish entry ever because I don't think it's good enough to recieve such plaudits as that. This entry might end up being the most mediocre ever or the most uninspired ever, but you'd probably have to do something pretty damn spectacular to make it the worst ever, which is not really fair. If you're going to be doing something pretty damn spectacular you should at least have the opportunity for it to be good. Or something. My brain has turned itself off now I'm afraid. It was overwhelmed by the awesome that was Once More With Feeling. I can only ask myself why I wasn't watching Buffy the first time around? What could have been so important that I could miss out on this for? And I have to admit that I don't know. My memory doesn't stretch back that far. I can only remember back to 2003 because I made notes on events that happened. And even then my notes are sketchy at best. 2008 should be the most memorable year ever. If only because of the copious volumes of information I will have on it come the end of the year. It's rather like keeping a dairy all this livejournal stuff you know. Except not a dairy because thats the one that is to do with cows and stuff. Anyway I'm heading off now. I'm going to go and hopefully manage to wake myself up and if not at least properly go to sleep for proper like. Seeya tomorrow for more copious notemaking of events in my life.

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