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Friday. The Day of Frying.

Posted on 2008.08.29 at 10:34
Current Mood:: apatheticapathetic
I'm sorry it's going to be another one of the boring entries about dreams. Boring if you don't like hearing about other people's dreams that is. I tend to be focusing on dreams to a certain extent since I gave up the Writer's Block prompts simply because they're usually more exciting than my everyday life. Although sometimes I see a man who doesn't have a clue what bus he wants to be on and he's standing in the middle of the road halfway between a pair of busstops. This wasn't a dream and actually happened. The main problem with this story is that I don't really know the ending. He got on the first bus that came past and then who knows what happened to him. I'm tempted to hunt him down and ask him what he's doing with his life, it wouldn't be too hard to find him. Just get on the very first bus you see and repeat until you find him.

Anyway the dream. I had a dream I was on my way on holiday to somewhere and it was unusually vivid. Usually in my dreams I don't really see pictures. I more get a description of events. Which I suppose is weird really but that's just how my brain works, I have trouble visualising anything as well, although I'm great at storing long lists of useless information. Anyway this dream was unusually vivid because there was actual images in it. I was on a plane and it was flying to wherever it was that my holiday was, anyway I was looking out of the window and houses were going past. I remember thinking that the plane was flying unusually low (I think it was flying at second storey level) and that's about it. Good or what?

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