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I Never Could Get The Hang of Thursdays

Posted on 2008.08.28 at 11:49
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So I found myself wondering to myself this morning: "Do I believe in ghosts and have I ever seen one?" And so I decided that I would elucidate my feelings on the matter of ghosts and whether I believe in them and whether I'd ever seen one on here then the whole world would know how I feel about ghosts... Or something.

Anyway brace yourself for my thoughts on ghosts: Maybe. Could be ghosts. Might not be. Who really can say? People who've died obviously. Actually why is it obvious that people who have died instantly know if there is ghosts. Do you think when you die a man comes up to you with a pair of big long lists and runs down what is real and what isn't. For example lepracauns and unicorns... real. Apricorns... not real. I think that there probably aren't many answers given to you when you die. I imagine though that in the afterlife there are even more creatures which people don't really believe in. Just like in the real world but everyone's dead. Actually hold on. Why am I gushing these thoughts out into the world in a vapid column of prose? Why aren't I using this idea to write a book with and earn money and buy those Buffy and Angel DVD boxsets? Is it because A) I have no attention span. B) I don't know what I'm talking about. C) I'm looking at lesbians. or D) All of the above.

I always think multiple answer questions where All of the above is one of the options is a bit of a cheat. It's like a shortcut through comedy. Instead of trying to come up with a humorous fourth option we just reiterate the previous three for a cheap laugh. If I was in charge of making a multiple choice question all of the above would not be one of the options. Although 'everything that isn't an answer on this question' and 'all the answers to this question twice' most definately would be.

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