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Death Note - L

Triple Christmas Coincidence Day

Posted on 2008.08.27 at 18:53
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Okay this is probably a really poor reason for an update but it's a brand new update day and I have to say something. Anyway ever notice when a topic which very rarely gets mentioned, suddenly gets mentioned a lot. I resolutely refuse to believe in coincidences so I consider that this is probably because of some kind of government conspiracy or something. Government conspiracies are way more likely than coincidences. Anyway what was I saying? Oh yeah three times today has Christmas tried to rear it's tinsel covered head into my life. And these three times shall be enumerated now so that the government and it's evil christmas coincidence scheme can be justly thwarted.

1. Christmas Pudding. We still have Christmas Pudding in our cupboard. Incidentally I'm still waiting for the ability to time travel back and find out what happened to that custard from last Christmas.
2. Christmas Letter. Something about a Christmas catalogue but that can just be explained away as the time of the year. I mean it's what? August 27th? Time to start the Christmas shopping if you ask me.
and 3. Christmas House. Which is a Christmas episode of House. Okay it would be really difficult for the government to control which episode of House I'm watching on any given day but who cares. It's all ultimately their fault and we should make like the French and behead them all. Or something.

Also what does "Have your cake and eat it too" actually mean (the connection here is through Marie Antoinette who probably didn't say "Let them eat cake")? I mean if I had a cake would it be such a problem if I was to eat it. It's my cake. Quite frankly if I had a cake and I wasn't allowed to eat it I wouldn't want the cake. It'd just be one big temptation sitting there tempting me with it's frilly icing and delicious chocolately goodness. Or something. Anyway what was the point? Oh yeah, the government is bad, we should all be allowed to eat cake and why are people going on about Christmas already (yeah I realise I'm not exactly helping with the last one but who cares? You? Don't make me laugh!)?

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