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Tatu - Julia 2

Goodbye Monday Morning

Posted on 2008.08.25 at 13:10
Current Mood:: sleepysleepy
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I might need a new alarm clock. I used to have normal alarm clocks like what people use and the problem I found was that I'd eventually become accustomed to the alarm clock and manage to get up, turn it off and go back to sleep without waking up. My current alarm clock (my phone with an alarm clock function) has been brilliant for the last few years as I've never got used to it. I think this is probably because of the way it vibrates heavily along my wood furniture. Anyone who can sleep through that is either deaf or a lumberjack. Or apparently me this morning. Also my phone appears to have acquired a new special ability. The ability to have the alarm go off (others have reported to me that it went off) and yet to not go off (the alarm was still set for nine when I woke up at half eleven). I think congratulations are in order. I appear to have acquired Schrodinger's Alarm Clock.

Also I had a dream that I was in a hospital and I was ill. I was ordering all these tests and eventually the tests came back saying that I had Lupus. I then started arguing that in the words of House "it's never Lupus."

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