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Amy Winehouse

Sleepy Sunday

Posted on 2008.08.24 at 09:38
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So... Thanks to the large argument I managed to have with an inanimate object yesterday I've decided not to do the Writer's Block questions any more. This leaves me with somewhat of a dilemma because I've not given up on my New Year's Resolution to update every day. The abandonment of the Writer's Block question is just the sort of stupid thing I'd do to make an already tough thing even harder.

Anyway today is a Sunday and on a Sunday I have the distinct desire to do nothing more than sit around the place watching some top quality episodes of Buffy and Angel. Or if that isn't possible for buffering reasons then I also like to sit around the place and update livejournal and then... erm... I don't know what I'd do next. I get the impression that I might very well just keep updating livejournal every few minutes giving the rundown on my status or something. Just out of desperation. Or you know I could take the advice of my title and just get some more sleep. Honestly who needs to be up at half nine on a Sunday. Nobody except nuns and they could stay in bed if they wanted to because they've got the thumbs up from God.

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