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Heroes - Eclipse

Zeroes - The Musical!

Posted on 2008.08.22 at 19:39
Current Music:: All-American Rejects - Straitjacket Feeling
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Okay so you know my feature I sometimes do? The one called Zeroes that involves me making up a superhero and an equivalent supervillain based around a theme? Well this is that. And todays theme is music. So strap yourself in because it's going to be one helluva feature.

So the supervillain in this edition is in fact a cadre of supervillains. The Decomposers... which they admit is a rubbish pun but they claim it was the only one even slightly workable. The Decomposers consists of Vilekovsky, Bachstabber, Grozart, Mayhm, Sindel and Evil Beethoven. They travel around in a horse drawn carriage and set up a stage in a busy area where they then perform their decompositions, much to the dismay of all those around them. The sheer noise of their decompositions causes people's brains to lose control of their bodies. Prolonged exposure almost always results in death.

Who can the people of Supervillain City count on to save them from the heinous warblings of these villainous villains? Only one man can do the job: Cowellman. Cowellman can, with just a few insults, obliterate the dreams, and spines, of anyone who is comitting the crime of awful singing. His costume consists of pants with an abnormally high waistband and a mask which depicts the face of talent contest judge Simon Cowell. Nobody knows who Cowellman is and although nobody ever seems to see Simon Cowell and Cowellman together and they are typically in the same area as one another they both deny that they are the same person. And they should know.

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