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Tatu 3

Writer's Block: Running Things

Posted on 2008.08.18 at 11:04
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What would you change about your country if you could be in charge for a day?

I'd build a massive sail in the middle of the country and sail the country down to the Caribbean. Then I'd retire. Everyone knows that crime and other problems with the world only happen because people are too cold. If people were too hot then they'd be too tired to commit a crime. Thus solveth the problems of the world. Oh and I'd put lesbians on the money. Not in an actual sense that I have some lesbians stand on some money, although that sounds sexy as well, but I'd have pictures of lesbians on coins and notes. Forget that stuffy old queen. And Charles Darwin? What's he ever done for us? Well actually he did challenge the entire nature of the genesis of our species... but what's he done for us lately? Nothing! That's what! I say we rebel and then once we've destroyed the oppressive system of government we rebuild the opressive system of government but put me in charge! Viva la Revolution! Etcetera!

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