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Lost - Locke

Writer's Block: Your Username

Posted on 2008.08.17 at 15:53
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Why did you choose your user name? Is there any special meaning or story behind it?

I'm sure I've done this one before. Along with a derivation of my real name in fact. I rather believe I answered that in a clear and concise manner back then so in order to ensure that I actually have something to talk about today I'm going to explain the origins of my various other names I sometimes use.

Rubikon - This name I blatantly stole from Planescape Torment. Partially because it fit with my other main username (Cube) but mainly because I liked the sound of it.
Cyberninja - Because I liked This character from Timesplitters 2 and imagined how awesome a ninja in the same style would be.
Angelforge - Same as above but a Timesplitters: Future Perfect character and less ninjafication. Plus I like the idea of a massive factory smelting angels.
Laserbanjo - Potential invention turned potential band name turned actual username.

That was actually a fairly short list. I thought I had more aliases than that. And with that clever segway I watched the last ever episode of Alias last night. I know I'm a bit behind but better late than never eh? Well anyway that was good and the final impression I got from the whole affair was that Rambaldi hated Sloane just as much as I did.

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